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  1. Lucy_Jucie

    Lucy_Jucie Silver Member

    Ey peeps, I thought I'd start a thread to show how good we look on Halloween, are any of you getting dressed up this weekend? I'm going to a party tonight so I'm getting dressed as a sexy nurse, I wonder if people notice my weight loss as I haunt seen them for about 4 month. So after tonight I'll upload some pics, you can do the same. Look forward to seeing what people are dressed as xx
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  3. honeypop

    honeypop Gold Member


    This was me on Halloween
  4. Rickard71

    Rickard71 Full Member

    Twit Twoo
  5. Lucy_Jucie

    Lucy_Jucie Silver Member

    This is me

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  6. Mrs jk

    Mrs jk Full Member

    Wolf whistles!! so jealous I didn't get to dress up!
  7. Lucy_Jucie

    Lucy_Jucie Silver Member

    It was great, we ended up going to the local pub all 11 of us dressed up lol. And for the first time i got a load of attention of lots of blokes, was really chuffed hahah, my bf was with me so i didnt flirt too much hhahaha
  8. Trueleame

    Trueleame Determind dieter :D

    Loving the piccies ladies :D x x x
  9. catlackey

    catlackey Full Member

    You all look brilliant xx

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  10. catlackey

    catlackey Full Member


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  11. catlackey

    catlackey Full Member

    :) :) my daughter just showed me how to Do them so smiley faces for you all xx

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