Ham: free or synned?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Susiew2001, 1 February 2014.

  1. Susiew2001

    Susiew2001 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, was just wondering if any one knows what the syn values are for plain wafer thin ham? Or is it free? I don't find the app very useful-it keeps telling me it's all got syns in it but people at group tell me it's free but how can that be?? Thanks
  2. Beautyxx

    Beautyxx Well-Known Member

    Any meat that has less than 5% fat is free.
    So for ham i always just check the nutritional information and if the fat is less than 5g for 100g then its free
  3. Susiew2001

    Susiew2001 Well-Known Member

    Great, thank you! Xx
  4. willskd

    willskd Active Member

    This is really good to know. Thanks for sharing. :)

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