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Ham in Coke / cherry coke question

I love making ham in cherry coke and usually do a large one to see us over the Christmas period. Now I was thinking of doing one again over easter but not sure how to syn this.

Obviously I try and keep the ham as lean as possible and I personally cut off any fat from what I am going to eat, BUT as it has been cooked in full fat coke / cherry coke, then surely some of the sugar has 'seeped' into the ham - as this is what gives it its amazing flavour.

Anyone got any idea if and how this can be synned? I did think about using diet coke / cherry coke, but according to the original Nigella recipe this is a no no and it doesn't taste right.
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Fighting the bulge
I would assume you would syn a can of cherry coke and divide it into portions for the amount of ham IYKWIM!!

So 1 can of cherry coke is
Coca Cola & Schweppes Cherry Coke 330ml can

7½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 7½ Syns
Green 7½ Syns

Asterisked products: If any product displays a * alongside, it is Free Food
when all the visible fat and skin is removed.

so serve the ham in 7 1/2 portions and it's 1 syn each (plus the half portion which will obv be half a syn!)
Thanks for that Pesty.

The problem comes as I do the ham in the slow cooker and use a large bottle. Now the liquid has probably only reduced by 1/4 to 1/3, but for all I know the ham could have soaked up ALL the sugar, or maybe only 10% - who knows.

Also, the ham will last us a good few 'meals' and I have no way of knowing how many 'portions' the ham will make.

I guess the safest thing would be not to make it / eat it but I was just hoping this has been covered before, or even mentioned in a class somewhere.

Part of me thinks that lean 'honey roast' ham is free, so this should be as well, but I know its not as simplistic as that :confused:


Fighting the bulge
In that case i have no idea! lol sorry!! I would still do it the same if you really want it, syn a whole big bottle and then divide it into portions - you could cut the ham into 7-8 chunks so that you can still carv as and when but you know how many syns that chunk is??
I think you would need to syn however much coke you use, it would be impossible to estimate otherwise. You could do it like the diet coke chicken and substitue some of the full fat cake with passata so you are not using as much maybe??
Passata would ruin this recipe!!! And so does diet cherry coke unfortunately. I think I would sin the cherry coke and divide portions or approximate - it would be sinful to ruin this recipe as it is so delish!
Thanks for all the recipes. Going to stick with full fat diet coke (in the slow cooker as we speak) and try and work out some sort of synning system.

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