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Extra Easy Hand on heart who has

Their 3rd of superfree with every meal?

I am really struggling & go on a big holiday in 11 weeks. I feel like time is rushing away without me & I am going to be the size I am when I go away & I feel very stressed about it.
I am off sick at the moment from work as suffer from an inner ear infection that makes me very dizzy so standing in the kitchen is limited & am feeling sorry myself. I am actually considering defecting to WW as thing I need portion control but like the flexiblity of SW

Basically today I have had
42g of all bran with measured milk & two satsumas on top

Lunch was a Pasta in Sauce with an onion mixed in & pre packed chargrilled chicken & a muller light

Dinner was something I had made ages ago & frozen. It was chicken with leeks, carrots, onions topped with loads of Mr Mash made up with water

I have also snacked on two tesco veggies sausages & 2 plums

All advice or tips or a general kick up the you know what are welcome
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hon, your menu is no diff from what mine usually is, i no way have ever had my 1/3 and whilst i know that more veggies is good for you.. i can only eat so much veg.

unless you think its stunting your WL then dont panic.

also, you only have 20lbs to go till target. You can do this. be honest with yourself, be truthful with writing food down, no selective memory, maybe only snack of superfree, or even cut out snacking completly (this helped me shift some extra lbs) and get drinking some serious water.

My target is a bit out of date I have put a bit on. Basically I am now 11 13lb & would love to be 10 4lb but think that is very ambious so would be just happy to half a 1/2lb under 11 stone then I can be just under 11 stone if that makes sense. I am going to very hot countries so am stressed about how I will cope ie to put it bluntly I don't want the top of my legs to rub together


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I hardly ever had my 1/3 superfree when I did EE. I reluctantly decided to give Red and Green days a go, and haven't looked back since.

It takes a bit of getting used to after you've had meat and carbs together, and it does mean you might have to weigh and measure a bit more. But if you feel like it's portion control and lack of superfree that's slowing your losses, it might be worth a go for a week?
- hon i know exactly what you mean about the legs.

Nothings too ambitious, you have to just listen to your body. when its ready to stop, you have to stop.. and if your still not happy, youv gotta fight harder.

Thanks Girls you are right. I want the quick fix but love food so slim fast is out :eek:. I am going to try a day of green followed by a day of red I think as I do miss that extra HEA & B. Just been & taken a pork fillet out of the freezer & have a butternut squash in the veg rack so thats tomorrows lunch & tea. Might see if hubby wil take me to the supermarket tomorrow before he goes to work as can't drive at the moment. Need to get more positive I think as this ear thing gets me very low. Lets just say I've hardly left the sofa for last two days :(
Your not alone quite a few people including me in my group find it difficult to have 1/3 superfree. After my monday weigh in if i have sustained or put on weight i think i will do red days. Just find red days a bit complicated as when i joined i was only told about ee and so im used to it but i think i need some portion control x
Oh sweetie, you have my sympathies for the ear infection - I have multiple sclerosis, and occasionally that causes something very similar to an inner ear infection. It's absolute hell - kudos for being able to stand up in the kitchen at all, I normally have to just beg my OH to take over cooking duties, because walking and standing when the room is spinning and the floor is coming up to meet you isn't any fun!

I haven't done any EE days since I started (doing green as veggie) - but I absolutely adore veg, so I don't think that for me 1/3 would be a problem... that said, I know lots of people who would struggle with it!! I think switching to red/green for a while sounds like a good plan.

Good luck with it, and I hope that your ear infection clears up soon x
This is my fourth time I've had it. I get labyrinthitis. The first couple of times I had it for about 4 months. The time last time last about 2 weeks & so I am hoping this time will only last a week or so. Only had it two days & am bored already
Labrynthitis - thats the word I was looking for! Doh! lol I really do have the memory of a lobotomised goldfish!

Mine is caused by a lesion on my brain stem, rather than the inner ear, but basically the symptoms are identical - so I know what you're going through (((hugs)))

Hang in there x
I regularly have far more than one-third superfree. I have meat or fish or pasta or whatever as an accompaniment to my vegetables, rather than the other way round.

I buy vegetables first at the supermarket (they are always nearest the door anyway!) and then decide what will go with them.

And for some meals I only have vegetables, maybe with a little grated Parmesan.
I have never done EE. I am very happy with red and green and do more green than red.

My weight loss is pretty consistent with just a short period of STS which was rectified by doing a fish and superfoods week.

Good luck you can shift 20lbs in 11 weeks if you stick with it ,

It is in your hands !!!
Thats the main reason I choose to do red/green plan. I really struggle to eat veg and fruit, for the simple reason that I just don't like them!! I found it too hard knowing I HAD to eat 1/3 superfree. Red/green has taken that pressure off, so I am eating lots more veg than I used to - there isnt the constant pressure that it must be a 1/3rd of what im eating. Just sticking my two penneth in haha:) Good luck with it, and enjoy the holiday! Also lots and lots of water speeds it all up hun xxx
Personally for me, having red or green days means that I 'naturally' seem to eat more veg.
If, on the very rare occasion, I do an EE day, I find eating red and green foods together, just means that I don't want or require as much other foods so the 1/3 rule goes out the window!!!

I'm sure when EE first came out, the 1/3 super free foods part was not promoted like it is now.....? I don't ever remember that part of the plan being pushed like it is now?

It definitely doesn't work as well for me anyway, for whatever reason, though I must admit ut comes in handy sometimes for meals out etc.
EE works fine for me .... i love veg but i also like to have meat sometimes aswel

I make sure i eat 10 superfree foods ( or as close to ) every day.

I try to make sure its mostly 1/3 rule but in my mind cause i know i eat alot of super free foods i dont mind if i have a meal that may not include them ... such as breakfast if it doesnt have super free in it then i make sure that i have some super free after ie strawberries or melon or something like that

If it's possible to have 1/3 veg with a meal then yes I do, sometimes more than 1/3. When it's not possible or wouldn't fit, then I either have some speed soup before I eat or a bowl of fruit right afterwards.
I love veg too - think it has something to do with my dad being a greengrocer!

I always have my 1/3 superfree...basically, when I've done the food shopping, I'll sit and do a lot of prep and chopping, and into a tupperware box and into the fridge goes:

onion (spring and red)
peppers (red, yellow, green)

and if the meal isn't one that I'm serving veg with (or is curry or spag bol or something similar), I'll have a couple of handfuls of chopped veggies in a little bowl as a "side salad".

I also use these to snack on, it's great cos they're already prepared. And boxed up properly in the fridge, they can last up to a week (but don't cos I've eaten them by then!)


Just doing it this time
I do red all the time - mainly all the time and must admit that apart from salad about 4 - 5 times a week and piles of it - I rarely have 'other' veg - apart from maybe once a week because I don't particularly like veg in general.

I do though have plenty fruit and berries in particular after my meals.

I am losing weight OK'ish - but really could do with incorporating more veg - will have to look into making soups and stews I think.

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