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hanloje's food diary ~ Start 27/1/09 ~


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Can someone check this for me:-

b: muller light choc/orange & banana.

l: tuna fusili pasta bgty (5.0 syns).

s: 56g honey nut shredded wheat 2xHeb

d: syn free chips, quorn bangers & baked beans.

Is this ok, my HeA will be semi skimmed milk in tea???

Any opinions welcomed as I'm struggling to get my head around this sw stuff!

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Looks ok to me Hun...just dont forget your fruit and veg!
What are you struggling with? Perhaps I can help?


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It's just what you can have on each day, I know the ingredients and now have a free branded foods book (thanks to a fab person who donated theirs!).... but I guess it's getting your head around what to buy from the supermarket. i.e. do you pick so many green & red days per week or do you go by the main meal and work around it? everyone is so helpful on this forum!

Thanks... x
I tend to have more red days than green. My shopping list always contains the essentials like:
Mullerlite yoghurts
pasta n sauce - if on offer
savoury rice
Bacon, chicken breast, mince beef.
I do try and plan my meals in advance, but it doesnt always work out, although I do always plan the following day (quite busy as I have 2 jobs and I teach dancing).


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Thanks for the tips.. I've now officially shopped and finished the food that was non-conformist so today I'm off on the first day (a little later than planned..)

Red day today:-

b: muller light & 2 x alpen light bars (heB)

s: fruit (grapes/banana)

l: omelette with mushrooms, onions & pepper and 1 slice bacon trimmed of fat.

d: Chicken casserole, passata, chicken drumsticks, veggies served with carrot/swede & broccoli.

1 x heA is semi skimmed milk in coffee.

Is this ok guys?
You are missing your other HeB Hun...you need to have 2 of them a day...bread, potatoes are what I generally have on a Red Day as my other HeB or another 2 Alpen light bars if Im working in the evening...other than that..perfect!


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Food diary plan for Thursday 29/1:-

Green day:

b: shredded wheat x 56g hexB x 2 and skimmed milk.

s: muller light & banana

l: savoury rice

s: grapes

d: Quorn sausages, free chips & baked beans.

hexA = milk in tea & cereal
2 x hexB used for cereal

0 sins used


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Managed my first day and wasn't really hungry! hurrah! also got around to weighing myself... eek.. I've gained 1 st 10lbs since finishing CD....

Started this looking for a program that would help my break my addiction to food and give me some healthy habits.

Feeling quite positive:

Have revised today's menu:-

b: 50g wholemeal toast & 1 tspn jam (0.5 syn). (1 x HeB)

s: Alpen light bars (1 x HeB), muller light, grapes, banana.

l: savoury rice vegetable.

d: Quorn sausages, syn free chips & baked beans.


1 x HeA (milk in tea)
2 x HeB
0.5 syn.

:D Bring on day 2!
Brilliant Hun!....you seem to have grasped it now! Well done!
Friday 31/1 - Red Day -

b: 2 x alpen light
muller yoghurt

s: banana/grapes

l: Quorn sausages with eggs & bacon

s: muller light

d: roasted chicken (skin off) jacket potato weighed as HeB, mixed veggies, 28g paxo & gravy.

1 x heA = milk
1 x heB = Alpen light bars
1 x heB = Jacket Potatoe (weighed)

2 syns - gravy
6 syns - 28g paxo

Saturday 31/1 - Green Day

b: 2 x boiled eggs and 50g wholemeal bread

s: muller light

l: Pasta n Sauce

s: Mixed fruits (off to get some now)

d: Quorn bolognese with wholemeal spaghetti; veggies; herbs.
pudding: fruit salad (home made) with meringue nest.


hxA = milk for tea.
hxB = Wholemeal bread.
2.5 syns used
Ok, well today hasn't turned out as a green day after all; mainly as I haven't had anything since breakfast.. can someone please tell me if this is ok on EE.

b: 2 x boiled eggs, 50g wholemeal bread (1xHeB)

d: Roast beef, roasted onions, parsnips done in frylight & mashed potatoes mashed with skimmed milk + steamed broccoli.

Is that all syn free, I think it is!

I know it's only 1 x heA & 1x heB on EE.

Planning some fruit after dinner and a bounty bar at 13.5 syns.. eek!
Sunday 1/2/09: EE:

b: 2 x nimble amazing grain
2 x quorn sausages
2 x bacon

s: fruit salad topped with meringue nest

d: lamb shoulder slow cooked and then baked with couscous.

s: fruit salad again with meringue nest.


1 x hxA = semi skimmed in tea.
1 x hxB = 2 x nimble bread.

6 syns = 2 x meringue nest
5.5 syns = 1 x kitkat 2 finger mint
1 syn = couscous
Monday 2/2/09:

Green Day:

b: fruit salad & muller light, banana.

l: Quorn bolognese (home made) & penne pasta.

d: Syn free chips, quorn sausages & beans.


1 x hxA = semi skimmed in tea.
1 x hxB = 2 alpen light bars mid morning/afternoon.
1 x hxB = 2 x nimble for toast

1 syn for 2 tspns jam for breakfast
3 syns for meringue nest with fruit salad
10.5 syns for terrys small chocolate orange bar
Tuesday 3/2/09 - EE day:-

b: 2 x alpen light (hxB)

s: yoghurt & banana

l: Quorn bolognese (home made) & jacket potatoe

s: Fruit salad.

d: Griddled chicken breast, fresh egg noodles, stir fried veggies, soy sauce.

1 x hxA = skimmed milk in tea
1 x hxB = 2 x alpen light bars

0 syns

How does your quorn bolognaise turn out? I find my always to be a little watery without using any oil - I love dolmio :(

Have you a good recipe for it? x
Hi Hun...sorry to hijack the thread, but I make my bolognase:

Fry quorn mince in frylight, put to one side. Fry onions and mushrooms with garlic (in frylight), add mince.
While heating, add tinned tomatoes and a little passata and stir in some italian herb seasoning.
Cook for a while and serve with spaghetti.
I dont add carrots to mine, but you could as well as peppers.
I always find that the quorn mince needs lots of seasoning with salt and pepper, but thats really down to choice.

Hope this helps you?!
Thursday 5/2 EE day:

b: Walkers sunbites (6 syns)

s: grapes/banana.

l: Super noodles (bacon)

s: yoghurt Onken fat free.

d: Home made burgers with extra lean mince, wholemeal roll, salad & syn free chips.


1 x HeA = milk in tea.
1 x HeB = wholemeal roll.
6 syns
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