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Hannahs Food Diary (probably wrong!)


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Right heres how I think its worked out, but im new and dont know what im doing!


Branflakes, milk and sweetner, hexa and hexb - free

Pasta n sauce cheese and broccoli - 1/2 syn

Beef stirfry - free

1 mini terrys chocolate orange segment - 2 syns
175ml red wine - 6 syns

Total 8 1/ 2 syns


Eggs maf with frylight on 2 slices of wholemeal nimble hexb - free

1/2 bag of chip shop chips - 9 syns

Jacket potato w/beans and fat free fromage frais, peppered quorn steak, salad - free

28g butterkist microwave sweet popcorn 5.5 syns

Total 14.5 syns


Wholemeal pita w/trimmed bacon and 1 tbsp ketchup - 8 syns

Home made spag bol (lean mince, tinned toms, peppers, onion, mushrooms, chilis, stock, garlic, spices) w/wholewheat pasta and a lil grated cheese hexa- free

2 glasses of wine :-( - 10 syns

I had 3 coffees too but dont know if I can count milk as part of hexa?

Total (minus coffee) - 18 syns :-:)-:)-(
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Hello Hannah,

Im new to this too and still getting used to it but girls on here are really friendly and helpful.
It looks okay, are you doing Extra Easy days? I would try and not go over your 15 syns a day, but dont worry you know about the pitta syns now :)
I measure my HEA milk every morning so i know exactly what im allowed (which is usually enough for cereal with 2/3 teas)

Make sure you use your healthy extras and eat lots of veg with your meals (which is what i need to do!)


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Thanks Mia! Youve been a big help! Im hoping to post recies soon as I have a few I already follow that turned out to be free, haha! X


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hi hun, I'm still fairly new to this too, you'll get the hang of it x

I'd say have more fruit when you can.. Melon, apple, grapes, oranges, plums etc they are all good snacks to have between meals and really help with the weight loss x


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Been out and got grapes today to tide me over until shopping day! :)


Got up late as was up in the night with poorley baby, so had 'brunch' instead

Left over spag bol from last night with wholemeal pasta - free

Home made curry (chicken, tin toms, peppers, mushrooms, onion, lemon juice, spices, garlic, fromage frais) with rice - free

Grapes - free

Total - 0 syns :)


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Bacon sandwich with tbsp of ketchup hexb - 1 syn

SW chips mushy peas and birdseye cod in batter (minus the batter) - free

4 vodka and diet cokes - 20 syns

Total - 21 syns


Nectarine - free
Grapes - free
Poached egg sandwich - free
Bolognaise loaded jackets with smidge of olive spread, small amount of fine grated cheese, salad, tbsp ceasar dressing, hexa - 6 syns(?)
3 bourbon creams - 10.5 syns

Total - 16.5 syns


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Bran flakes hexa hexb - free
Sunday roast - 10.5 syns (pudds and gravy)

Wine - 18 syns

Syn free chili

Total 28.5 syns

Total for the week 107/105 :-S


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How was your loss at the end of this week?

My top tip would be to always eat breakfast, as it really sets you up well for the rest of the day! And try to stick within your daily syns too! But looks good! Your main meals are very good - I love cooking from scratch! :D


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S: 15st3.5lb C: 12st10.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 2st7lb(16.39%)
Personally I don't carry syns over, especially wouldn't over a week, but I like to use my syns on a daily basis, if I don't use them that's fine, but I wouldn't eat more the next day. It affects everyone weight loss differently though, as I used to binge therefore saving up syns wouldn't have taught me any new lessons...hope that makes sense!

I sts this week, but it was my bday do I don't mind too much, aiming high this week! Well done on 5lbs! :D