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  1. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member


    My names Hannah, I've decided to come back to WW as it works for me....when I follow it! I've been calorie counting on and off for the last couple of years, but I think I prefer the structure of WW. I dabbled with pro-points when it first came out, but I'm not 100% with it, but the old plan always worked a treat!

    I haven't got loads to lose but these last few years have been a battle of gain a stone lose a stone...etc... So I'd like to lose it for good & be a good maintainer ;)

    I have a diary in calorie counting, but posting my pp didn't make much sense so I thought I'd start a new one :) I weigh on a Wednesday so am on day 6 with 14 weeklies left :D

    Here goes:
    B - yoghurt, blueberries & cereal bar - 5pp
    S - satsumas & a chocolate - 1pp
    L - homemade soup, oatcakes & hummus - 6pp
    S - plums
    D - beef meatballs in a tomato & veg sauce with pasta & Parmesan - 13pp
    S - (cinema) maltesers & fruit salad - 5pp

    Total - 30pp
    Weeklies left - 13 ;)

    I haven't had dinner or been to the cinema yet, so it could change!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Han :)
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  3. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    So a 'minor' amendment to yesterday, dinner was 14pp in the end (cheese!!) & I was too easily tempted by some green & blacks choccie (2pp)...I know on top if maltesers + another choccie....chocoholic?!
    So 33 in total 10 weeklies left for today....

    I really wanted to be good today but I'm a part time student & have been at uni today which I always find tricky, I already lug so much stuff in I cant manage a cool box lunch/dinner box so end up on sarnies & snacks :/ But also I'm always hungry when I'm here!! It's left me only 10pp for dinner & my husband is cooking so it'll be 14-16 at least....ah well, suck it up..that's what weeklies are for :)

    Today so far:
    B - oats with water blueberries & sugar (no honey :( )
    S - plum & satsuma, nuts - 2pp
    L - melon & grapes, squarish wrap with light mustard mayo, ham & salad, velvet crunch - 9pp
    S - (for the arduous 2hr journey home) small eat natural bar - 4pp

    10pp left + 10 weeklies....hope I can do it ;)
  4. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Thought I'd best eat all my weeklies so here it is...
    D - chicken, small amount couscous, mini pittas, yoghurt & salad, shape delight - 18pp
    S - chocolate!! 6pp

    Total - 39pp
    All weeklies used :)

    Only earned 11bpp need to up the exercise badly!!
  5. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Well January assignment one is done & handed in, one more to go :(

    Today was a good day, kept to my 29pp

    B - sultana bran & skim milk - 4pp
    L - apple, 1pp soup, 1 bread, 2 oatcakes, crudités & houmous - 7pp
    S - plums, crisps - 3pp
    D - turkey mince meatballs in green thai sauce (made with paste & half fat creme fraiche) & noodles - 13pp
    S - WW choc slice - 2pp

    Total - 29/29
    Weeklies - 0/49

    Oh & I lost 2lb this week, yay me ;)
  6. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Feeling a bit lonely here, but hey ho....I'm carrying on regardless!


    B - oats, blueberries & sugar - 4pp
    S - melon & grapes - 0pp
    L - chicken wrap with mustard mayo & lettuce, satsumas - 7pp
    S - celery sticks
    D - pasta bake with mince, veggies & Parmesan, yoghurt - 15pp
    S - WW choc slice & green & blacks - 3pp

    Dailies - 29/29
    Weeklies - 0/29 AP - 3 (cycle & wii fit) & 3 on the old plan pedometer, just from work! Didn't realise I walked so to be safe rather than sorry I'll record it the same - 6ap - I'm not going to use then though but it's good to increase my aps week by week ;)
  7. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Iv been reading just not had time to comment! My diary is quiet too lol,
    It's been quiet in here for a while but now it's busier I think things are getting missed x

    Food looks good :) x
  8. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Ah thank you ;) I'll check in in yours....I know what you mean about reading but not commenting, I'm an avid I shouldn't complain!!
  9. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    May have had more chocolate than necessary - 2pp ;)

    Weeklies - 47/49 !
  10. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Friday night....will it break me?! I'm back from the pub & only had 1 pint & that's the biggest obstacle! Not had my tea yet - it's in the oven, so hoping I don't fall down here it is:

    B - yoghurt& fruit - 2pp
    S - cereal bar, banana, peach - 3pp
    L - soup, oatcakes, houmous & salad - 6pp
    S - 1pt lager (!) - 6pp
    D - pitta pizza with mozarella, chorizo & Serrano ham, salad - 12pp
    S - glass wine, twix finger, green & blacks - 9pp

    Dailies - 29/29
    Weeklies - 38/49 left
    Activity - 3pp walking

    38pp left for the rest of the weekend ;)
  11. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Well today looks like its going to be a biggun! Just hope I have reserved enough weeklies for the buffet from hell tomorrow!

    It's probably not from hell & I'm sure it'll be darned tasty....but that's the problem!

    B - apple, sultana bran, skim milk - 4pp
    S - banana
    L - oatcakes, houmous, crudités, salad & soup - 6pp
    S - melon
    D - steak sarnie (12), wedges (6), salad (1) & count on us dessert (3) - 22pp
    Drinkies - half a bottle of cava & a glass of red ;) - 14pp

    Total - 46pp wish I didn't like booze so much, still there are some things I simply won't give up ... I blame being brought up in a pub!
    Dailies 29/29
    Weeklies left - 21/49

    So that should be enough for tomorrow... if I manage to keep my day nice & low like today :)
  12. Gooner

    Gooner Member

    Hmmmmm Steak sarnie , might have do that tomor
  13. scoobysue

    scoobysue Silver Member

    As I don't post my own food diary i tend to lurk on other peoples without commenting, I also pinch meal ideas whilst I'm at it lol
  14. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Fridays pizza sounds yummy!
  15. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Thanks guys!! The pizza was great, just made a tomato base with tinned toms & herbs, yummy! It's not as good as a real one but its filling with a salad and at least half the points!

    Steak sarnie was also very good, we do like to eat well (read lots!) at weekends...think I should probably do either bread or potatoes, but can't resist both!! :D
  16. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Iv been buying smart price pizzas which work out at 9pp for half because they're abit tight with the cheese lol! But it's nice proper pizza not super thin and cardboard tasting
  17. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Hey subscribing if you don't mind. Diary is looking really good :)
  18. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Hello & not at all, subscribe away :)
  19. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Christmas party night....why oh why did I say I'd go, wish I hadn't now. I don't want to sound grouchy but the management style is pretty poor & colleagues have been stitched up, so on principle I wasn't going to go.... But I was persuaded otherwise, so weak willed! I have a plan, stay for my dinner, have a couple if drinks, head home early....


    B - m&s yoghurt (was being very dim with the calculator on the WW app & didn't realise it said per 100g, portion 50g....d'oh!! So that's 4pp) with fruit - 4pp
    L - soup (2), oatcakes (2), hummus (2), crudités & salad - 6pp
    S - nectarine

    So it's 5pm now, we have to leave at 7:30pm, that's 2.5hrs of thinking about food while trying to sit down & concentrate on a uni assignment that is due in a week tomorrow & is mega tricky...
  20. BC1975

    BC1975 New Member

    I'm reading :) just a quick question do u use your exercise points you gain? I have always tried not to in the past but I don't know whether its good to or not! Good luck :)
  21. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Hi I haven't been using my exercise points & I don't really want to....however, I think I ate/drank into them last dinner is totally guestimated... Could've been more, unlikely to be less!

    Sunday - amended

    B - m&s yoghurt with fruit - 4pp
    L - soup (2), oatcakes (2), hummus (2), crudités & salad - 6pp
    S - nectarine, velvet crunch - 2pp
    D - chicken in cream sauce (9), veggies (1), a couple of small potatoes (4), profiteroles, no sauce (8?) - 22pp
    Drinks - lager (6) & wine (12) - 18pp

    Keep forgetting to put exercise!

    Wii fit (40min) - 2pp
    Walking - 2pp

    Total - 52 - I think???
    Dailies 29/29
    Weeklies - 21, 0/49 left!
    AP - 2/21...

    So, 2 days of the week left, need to be 100% & go for a run tomorrow (snow permitting!) ;)

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