Happe days


escaping the fat
Its back to work for me tomorrow, then the students come in on Tuesday. Im really not ready yet. I feel down and apprehensive, what if i cant hack it this year, what if the kids ill have dont like me, what if the school realises ive somehow blagged my way through the last couple of years and im really not up to the job. Theyre making me a form tutor now for gods sake, they have more confidence in me than i have in myself. In about 8 weeks time im supposed to be taking 3groups of 10 kids sailing for a week at a time, me sailing? dover to calais ferry thats all ive been on, now im supposed to be helping to sail a ship from Portsmouth to Ipswich. What the hell am i thinking?:eek:
Im really missing my mum too, she died in July and this is the longest ive gone ever without seeing her, it was rough at the end and she didnt even know me but just being with her kept me calm, I loved my mum.:(
Food wise things are good, lots of fresh veg and fruit, ive eaten a whole melon today on top of a couple of bananas and 3 pears. all that and my dinners, how does this diet work? i dont know, i just know that it does and while it does ill stay with it, maybe the time will come when the losses slow down to maybe a lb a week and ill have another go on CD. Has anyone gone from cd to sw and carried on losing?
Id expect to gain in the first week but would i carry on gaining?
My oven broke this week too, need a new one which means buying a matching hob too. Theyre not cheap, in fact its horrified hubby so much that hes trying to convince me that we dont actually need an oven. Im at such a low ebb that hes almost half convinced me! Reckons we should get one of these all singing and dancing microwaves instead. Our house in Mallorca doesnt have an oven its ultra modern kitchen has one of these instead built in and i must admit weve spent a month out there and not missed it but the i didnt want to cook roast dinners out there either so a bit different.
Sky tv packed up as well today so you can see why im down. Never mind, it can only get better:D
I see you're not having a good day. Now think positively and remember you have already lost weight and you are more than capable of doing your teaching job and don't worry. Everything will sort itself out. Sorry to hear aobut your mam and you must miss her loads. Big ((((hugs)))) to you.
Irene xx
Feel better today, not nearly so panicked:)
My 1st sailing trip is on 9th october so deffo have to hit the ground running tomorrow with the students. They have a lot of fund raising to do between now and then. we need them to raise about £80 each, dont want the parents to pay it, its all part of the raising aspirations that they have to raise it themselves. All fund raising ideas greatly appreciated.
Tried to phone sky earlier cos i need a new digibox and their phoneline said my call would be answered within 69minutes!!
needless to say i hung up and will call back in the middle of the night when everyone else sleeps.
Still sticking to the plan, had a piece of nut crunch but ive loads of syns spare for that so not worried. Not expecting a massive loss this week after the 15lbs and it being my heavy week but id like a couple off. Onwards and downwards:)
Thinking about you too, we should meet up again soon, if i can persuade my shipmates to dock at shoreham you could pop down to give us a wave. Ill be the green one throwing up over the portside.
What a day! Im shattered and very hot, been like sitting in a sauna all day.

Been bad today, got a big carb head on and have attacked my old friend the bread bin and some mashed potato. Not that im in the need of comfort food or anything:rolleyes: .
Know ive blown any hope of a loss this week but ill pull this back, 1 day doesnt a diet blow.
Totally my own fault, ran out of the house this morning without my salad bowl for lunch and ended up with a cheese and pickle roll. Came home about 6 still had to go to Lakeside, could have stopped for 10 minutes and had something sensible but came back famished and had a great chunk of french bread with marmite, enjoyed that so much that i had another, then just now finished off jims mash.
Ive had some lovely dinners this week and then go blow it with this crap. I actually feel sick.
Very Scarlett O'Hara Irene LOL.
Ill be fine, at least i havent had the bread on top of a meal which for me is a big improvement. Thanks for your support. x