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Happy about 1 thing - struggling with another!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I have managed to jam my ass into a pair of size 18 jeans today!:p
I know thats still technically a plus size but as I was a 22/24 before its a biggy for me.

On a negative im struggling like hell to drink the water - I work in a garage so its really cold and the drinking of many bottles of chilled water ive been managing has become increasingly difficult.
Will I die if i dont drink the recommended amount????????:cry:
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Congratulations on the size 18's! that's brilliant. I've gone from an 18/20 to 12/14 it just makes you feel so proud - so well done.

On the water front I don't think you'd die if it's for a short time but i think you'd become very ill if you didn't pick it back up to the 2L - Is it possible for you do drink hot or warm water every now and then instead (or even a herbal tea if you like them?)

I have a mug of hot water a couple times a day just to warm me up (coz i'm constantly bloody freezing) and it makes a change too.

Hope you warm up soon!
Whoop whoop!!!! Well done on the jeans....such a good feeling!!!! Yay for you!!

On the working in a freezing garage front..brrrrr. Try to maybe get a couple of 2ltr or 1ltr bottles and fill them in the morning so that the water will be room temp at least..or else, as said above, drink lots of herbal tea!! :) Hope you don't get too frosty x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ive been drinking a lot of black tea - dont really like may of the herbals.
I reckon im managing about 1.5litres of water and i guess about 1 litre in tea so should survive!


Getting married in July!!
Really try and drink the water, maybe an extra glass before work and lots more when you come home would help. It'll make you feel and look so much better, keep you healithy and help you get big losses. The more you drink the more you shrink and all that!! Best of luck. It is worth trying to get the water down you. You'll feel the differance. Xx
when i was on LT last time i hardly ever drank 2 litres of water but i did make my shakes with quite a bit more water than it says as i hate it thick i still lost every week at a good rate just thought that might help lol
debz x
hey hun
if your drinking 1.5lts of water 1lt of black tea plus your shakes you are already way in the 2s or maybe 3s so if you could manage a glass in the morning and a glass at night you will be flying lol x x x ps and well done on the jeans lol coz i know getting into the 18 dress was so exciting for me lol x x x

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