Happy mothers day!

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  1. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    To all of us Mums, Happy mothers day!
    I was woken up this morning by hubby and daughter and was presented with two cards, a giant Eeyore, small teddy and a WII Fit!
    So pleased, no chocolate in sight and two bunches of flowers instead.
    Im very lucky :bliss:
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  3. efk

    efk Full Member

    Aw that's sweet! Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I don't have children myself, but my best friend sent me a text from my Godsons this morning to wish me a Happy Mother'd Day.

    I'm off to see mine this aft and going for a walk in the park.
  4. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    Morning Sleepy... what an inspired pressie!!! Mine was flowery trowel & secateurs, so I can start taming the jungle out there, and daffodills from said jungle... morning efk... have a great day, everyone.
  5. Linda5111

    Linda5111 I can do this.

    Every 1 have a great day.
  6. summer66

    summer66 second time around

    my present from my four kids was a pampering set, cant wait to use it tonight.:D
  7. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Hopping over from lipotrim forum to wish you all Happy Mothers Day.

    I got some lovely pink roses from my OH and some anti wrinkle cream !!!!

    Its a good job I have a sense of humour!
  8. Sarah Lou

    Sarah Lou Gold Member

    Mothers Day

    I am not a Mum but I have a great Mum who is bringing her own lunch today to keep me on the straight and narrow.. I am lucky to live by the sea.. my friend and I set off for our first morning walk on our new keep fit programme, we left the house, turned the corner and the sun was shining on a flat blue calm sea.. no noise and just other walkers and runners going by.. you can't buy that feeling of peace and beauty, I hope the sun is shining for you all today, have a good day :)
  9. ApplySomePressure

    ApplySomePressure Silver Member

    I'm not a mum but happy mothers day to the mums on here!
  10. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    Happy mothers day sleepybird and everyone else. Wow what a present! I got a wii fit game, IOU pair of shoes and me 2 u mum pillow. I could have done with an all day babysitter lol;)
  11. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    Wow lucky you im so jealous! We have a canal in our town lol. Have a lovely day with your mum
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