Happy New Year!!!!


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Welcome to 2010 !!!!! :new_year:

To all of you who overdid the festivities last night *whispers*I'll speak very quietly*sshhhh* :party0036:

I hope that everyone celebrated the New Year in their own way, and that a good time was had by all. :D

To everyone who said that they'd start back on plan 'in the New Year' - it's time to fulfil your promises - the New Year starts NOW!!!!!!

To everyone who stayed on plan, welcome to the start of a New Year. Yet another year to be fabulous!!!!!

To everyone who has just found us and are starting their Slimming World journey.......WELCOME !!!!!! :D

To all of those who left on a short 'holiday' (until the New Year). The time to return is NOW............WELCOME BACK - WE'VE MISSED YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

All of us here (wherever we may be) are really lucky to have found each other (and SW). Together we can help each other through the downs (and occasional ups and STS) and make this year our slimmest yet!!!!!

New Year's Resolutions:
To never stop TRYING. Another loss is only a WI away!!!!

To be happy with who I am (whatever weight/size I am). I am perfectly imperfect (my fridge magnet told me so!!!)

To remember what I have achieved so far. (I am wearing MY wedding ring - an 8 year saga!!!)

To never think that my target is unobtainable (no matter how long it may take). Even if it takes me two years, I will have repaired the damage of 36 years. That's a ratio of 1:18. I can live with that!!

I hope that 2010 is full of good losses, obtained targets, weights maintained, great recipes, funny diary entries, lots of jokes (thanks Donnie!!) and only small gains!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What a FABULOUS post xx

Happy New Year to you, Minimins, and all who sail in her xxxx


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That's a great post, thankyou and Happy New Year to everyone on here. Happy dieting too xx


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Great post Huney! A very Happy New Year to all at this board and may we all reach our targets this year.