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Happy Valentines Day to All

Ive all ready eaten half of mums choc and no dout i will be getting loads of my own later! woops!

Happy valentines day girlies...and men :)
happy valentines day!
I don't have an OH this year, and I'm actually quite glad! no choc or sweets to tempt me.
i havent heard from my boyfriend all, day, i dont know weather to go MAD or its just another day, not even a Happy Valentines day text from him :mad:
I would be upset....have you text him tho? Maybe hes waiting for you! If not i think you deserve a VERY big present!
Hes got alot of making up to do me thinks.
Its not that important luvly, im not that fussed but honestly a text is the least he could do. Maybe hes stil asleep after bein on the lash!?
I have been there with the only seeing a bf at weekends and somtimes every other and its hard. Hope you hear from him soon, if not Happy valentines from me and all the other minimins girls! We are better than any man anyway! :p
Ah thanks hun, i wasnt to bothered about it but just in the past hr i seem to be fuming, prob sick of friends texting etc asking what did he do when all their fellas have done lovely things for them :(

Happy Valentines Day to u 2 and thanks
Happy Valentines to all. I havnt done anything special today as i dont have a voice! I'm not happy but OH says its the best prezzie i couldve given him! Peace and quiet, the cheeky toe rag. Ill make up for it when it comes back though, some extra nags are in order methinks.... :D

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