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thank you soo much lady b....bit gutted when i look as your results as i could have done better(i always have a treat on a friday after weigh in)....which i need to stop. maybe you can support me with this as your weight loss is amazing hun xx


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Brill weight loss Faith!

Well done:happy096:

Good luck for next week:)

Love Mini xxx
hee hee just realised u all call me Faith.....Faith and Cooper are my children's names....mine is Vicky....I alwaya make my log in Faithandcooper so i never forget it


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Vicky - lovely new photo babe!!! Aren't you the pretty one!!

Ummmmm treats hey - the way I stoped them is - do they make you feel any better??
I have had two days where I ate two bars (hence an extra meal) to treat myself - but I learnt that I didn't feel any better, and giving in to the craving didnt make me happier!!!

What do you treat yourself with babe?? Maybe you could try having an extra bar - which is still a treat, but not so bad........ and then take it from there.

My focus is this' if I cheat, then I am adding at least an extra week on, and I want to be done and dusted by the end of September'. This diet is only for a short while of my life (hopefully months) and then I have the rest of my life to enjoy being slim, and eating nice things!!!

You are doing well too babe - just get your focus right in your head........ then it is easy.

Tell me about how your clothes feel after loosing 19lbs..... is it a great feeling??

Has anyone said how good you look??

I am dissapointed in my last two weeks results - but they are still a loss......... :)


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hee hee just realised u all call me Faith.....Faith and Cooper are my children's names....mine is Vicky....I alwaya make my log in Faithandcooper so i never forget it
Heeee haaa haaa - I always call you Faith!! ha ha! Oppppppssssss.

Perhaps you ought to put your name in your signature..... like others do!!

Have you joined a group??? Our Butterfly one is great - and you are most welcome!

Ria C

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Well done Vicki...Youve done really well! x


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Well done Vicky :) great loss xxxx
Thank every one. I get what you mean Lady B....I think if i'd stuck to the diet better then I'd be on it less time. Going to try my hardest to be 100% from now until I go on holiday in 2 weeks time and even on holiday I am going to be good 95% of the time which will be easy as we are doing a hevan holiday staying in a caravan so it will have a fridge for my bars and tetra's and I am on 810 plan so can have chicken salad or grilled fish and veg whilst out. I have no problem at all with the diet through the week its weekend when we are with friends or family and they are all eating. I become weak and do the same. I did last night and now I feel guilty and annoyed...my dad kept saying you cant diet all the time and I gave in. I think I need to learn how to be stronger as I hate being naughty at weekend and spending all week exercising like mad to get the weight back off


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Vicky, you are doing so well. I know how hard it is to stick to this diet all the time and of course if we do the weight comes off quicker and all that. But, we are only human and we all have different lives, so don't beat yourself up about not losing quickly, you are going in the right direction and that is what matters. You'll have good weeks/days and bad ones, but with the support of all of us on here you'll get there! :)


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I am exactly the same - every piece of food that passes my lips means that I need to spend longer doing CD - why can't I get that into my head ????

You have done so well but as one poster stated earlier, you have the rest of your life to eat nice things... CD is only for the short term... and you are only making the journey longer for yourself..

I wish I would always take the direct route rather than the scenic one but hey hum - that's just me !!!


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