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Hard boiled Eggs

Oh my goodness... What is the world coming to? :confused:


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No I haven't. I saw them in the mag, I think they were the Happy Egg eggs? I do remember thinking they were sooooo expensive though. I've just searched Tesco online and they don't have them yet.


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I've seen these in the sandwich section in Morrisons. Would just make my own though to be honest... unless you fancy one and that's the only option there and then!!
They have them in my local Asda, 2 pack for around 80p.

But seriously, just boil them yourself. I boil 3 at a time and they will be fine in the fridge for up to 4 days (keep in shells til ready to use).

I take one to work, and have a small tuperware box from Ikea that it fits in perfectly to keep it's shape!




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You've been able to get the little twin packs from Morrisons for ages - a couple of years at least. I found them very handy in my first few months doing SW...we're 50 miles from a Morrisons, and anytime we're passing, hubby goes in to get pies & sausage rolls, cos he says they're fab (?! lol), so I would grab some fresh fruit and a pack or two of HB eggs to eat in the car! lol I wouldn't use the salad bars though - they always seem really unhygenic to me?

Much, much more recently we came across the Happy Egg ones in Asda. I think they move them around though, cos I've only seen them a couple of times, and I'm SURE they are never where they were before, IYKWIM.

I've never spotted them in Tesco, but I haven't ever looked there, either.

Flutterby - eggs never last in my fridge for more than a day or two, and I cook off 10/12 at a time! lol

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