Hard times!


Hi everyone, just about to complete week 7 and I'm more than halfway through my target. To be honest I've found the journey pretty easy until lately, but suddenly things have changed.
I think about food all the time! I struggle with every minute of the day and have even been known to pick at the occasional morsel, chew it and then spit it out!
I look in the mirror and the results are there to see for everyone and I have so much support it's unbelievable! The positive strokes are nearly wearing me away :rolleyes: ... so why then am I finding this so hard now? :confused: Is it a 'half way there' thing? or do you think it's because we're coming up to Christmas? Is anyone else finding the same?
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I think its probably a combination of things, you are halfway there as you say, Christmas is a week away, and I don't think the dark dreary days of December and January are helping much either.

You have done brilliantly so far, just keep looking at yourself in the mirror, and keep your chin up - ride this out, it will pass!

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hi there,
i too am actually coming to the end of week 7 although i am actually only 5 weeks into the programme myself as i started beginning week 3 , i have moments where i feel myself swaying but i ry to just sit somewhere quiet and close my eyes so i can have a good chat with myself:eek: ( i know kookie !!!) but i focus on my adult ego and ask myself am i actually hungry ???? ( a big glass of H2o is always good before !!) and up to now the answer is always no, i then just quietly think about why im doing this and what ive acheived so far and last week i even read back from wk 1 in the book to remind myself about or chatterboxes ect , that really put me on such a possetive high again , i also talk to my hubbie when im doubting myself as like you i have exelent support and i tell him all about what im doing and why and my goals at the end ect , i think verbalising it in this way and getting positive feedback from him just reminds me about why i took that first huge step :)
and finally if that doesnt help i always think of a great quote i read on this site which was made by beachy whatsit ,IF YOU DONT KEEP GOING FORWARD , WHAT ARE YOU GOING BACK TO ??????
goodluck and congrats on you incredible aheivents so far


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Hiya, I am doing CD, not LL, but have found the times when I have had my blips and felt things were harder than normal, were mntal blocks. I tool out my old WW card the other day and the lowest weight I was with them was 14 12. I cant remember the last time I wore size 14 clothes and I think mentally it is difficult to accept that I CAN wear size 14's, just because I havent been able to in god only knows how long, doesnt mean I cant now!

Also, my parents do not know that I am doing CD and I am goign to see them next week, having not seen them since before I began, for me that is another mental block cos I am apprehensive about their reaction.

Maybe there is something similar in your head? I think part of it is we lose weight so fast that our heads dont have time to catch up with what our bodies are doing.

Hope this makes some sort of sense to you and that you can get past this difficult few days!! You have done so well so far....I hope you have gotten rid of all your bigger clothes!!


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I wonder if in your mind you just connect this time of year with eating? At our class recently one of our ladies who has done really well and found it easy, all of a sudden had a difficult few days because they were decorating. She suddenly realised every occasion of decorating in the past they ALWAYS had a take away. Once she realised thats what it was she was able to deal with it.

I am approaching the end of my 100 days (jan 6th) but that won't be the end for me I still have more to lose, but I am finding it hard at times and I have picked a bit when I shouldn't.

I am trying to work things through in my mind (aren't we all lol) but its hard.

These are my most recent thoughts.

1. If I give up now I will almost definately end up back where I started, a place I don't want to return to.

2. (my LLC's one this) every time we lapse we basically add a week on to the journey.

3. I keep trying to imagine a symbolic 'pressie' under the tree containing my health. I am almost 3 stone lighter than last Christmas, so I am regaining my health!

chin up! keep your fingers out the biscuit tin and keep plodding on!

Keep thinking how wonderful you feel to have achieved so much already and imagine how it will feel to fully achieve your goal.

don't give up!



Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reply to my whinging! There's some really good advice there - I will take it all on board, imagine my 'health present' and what you all say is quite right - to give up now would be going back to exactly what I was so desperate to get away from in the first place.
Kazz, I do know exactly what you mean about our minds having to catch up with the size of our bodies ... I am wearing anything between a 16 and a 20 now ... but I know that a 14 would probably fit as the 16s are baggy and the 20's don't stay up without belts(!) ... but something inside is stopping me from buying a 14 - (maybe it's the idea of the NEXT sale in less than a fortnight!)
Thank you all.


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The advice is brill and I think it does take time to replace old ways of thinking and doing things and eventually the new ways will become the norm as the old ones where once.

When I stopped smoking the hardest part of it besides the cravings was getting out of doing things without the fag in my hand has a constant reward...

Now I have to learn new ways of doing things without rewarding myself with treats of food.

It is taking me a while to reprogram my brain but I do see progress thankfully, just never thought it would take so long and I guess the reason being is that where as giving up smoking is something you don't have to do or be associated with by choice...where as food is so different as we can not cut it out and forget about it for life.

Love Mini xxx


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My LLc said there was a "halfway thing" and lots in our group had it. I have had this a few times and for me it was a rebellious child trying to push the boundaries ! Not that I ever actually put anything in my mouth but I wanted to !

Try having your nuturing parent talk to that part of yourself. If it feels the critical parent is going to tell it off it will want food even more. Hope that makes sense !