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Hard to finish!


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Hi everyone! Just thought I'd start my very first thread on my very first day on this diet and start with a quick question... Do you have to finish the shakes?? I had a vanilla one this morning - never again, and just about managed to finish it, have just made a chocolate one and I really don't think I can drink it all, they're so stodgy!! Do they get easier to drink?

Thank you :D xx
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They do get easier, i make mine up quite thick so it flls me up a bit more...

but alot of people have then watered down alot so they last longer, its each to their own really...

but hang in their cos it is important you finish them, there full of all the goodies you need to stay healthy



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ok, thank you! I've just made them with the amount of water it said to on the bag! I think I might make them thicker to get them over with quicker!

Just had a look at how you're doing and wow! I hope this works for me like it is working for you! Well done!! :happy096:

:thankyou: xxx


My husband = My hero
Thats exactly it babe, my mum like hers to lst ages as though shes havin a propper meal...

i personally down them pretty much, get it out of the way, and carry on with what im doing!!

they do ecome more appetizing though and u will eventually look forward to them believe it or not!!

Thankyou so much, but iv not done any better than you will! this diet is like magic! lol

its so worth it!!



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If you're finding them stodgy you might be better adding more water - I do. I usually have 400 - 500 mls, gets more water down me too. The instructions say 'at least' 250mls I think.

You must finish them though - you need everything that's in them. xx


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I'm looking forward to them being appetizing!! Also, I don't think I'll really mind what they taste like if I can see them working soon! :)

I think I'm just going to have to experiment a bit with these! Adding more water might be an idea though cos I think I'm going to struggle with having as much water as we're meant to drink! Does the water in the shakes count in the water intake for the day??

I feel like such a newbie! Thank you for your help ladies :D xxx


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I think anything above the 250mls counts yes. As for being appetising - they're not supposed to be I'm afraid. We're supposed to think of them more as medicine than food, simply to supply us with the necessary nutrition.
If you haven't seen it have a look at the (laughingly called) dvd on the website. It's basic but very informative. There's usually someone around here to answer your questions though. xx

Good Luck xx
I couldnt stick the vanilla until I made it up with coffee, blended it till fluffy, and now it is a lovely latte, have one most mornings to start the day... the choco is much nicer blanded with peppermint tea, warm, like hot peppermint chocolate.. delish.. and couldnt stomach the chicken soup unless added loads of pepper and chilli powder hths x


Slowly but surely!
Im having the same problem but because I cant stand the taste lol What we have to do to get thin!!
ooooh! I never would have thought about doing hot peppermint chocolate! I'm having chicken soup for my tea and I think it's gunna have to be with pepper! Quite looking forward to trying that one!

I think it might help just to see it all as medicine and not expect too much, that way you can only be pleasantly surprised if you find a way of drinking these that isn't too bad! :)

I'm surprised at how full I'm feeling! Not hungry at all! I hope this lasts!



maintaining since June'09
I HAVE to put more water in the soup .. then with pepper and paprika it's not tooooo bad ;)
hiya hang in your taste change over the weeks as the others have said add more water I personally cant stand thick stodgy things so I add 3/4pt water in the coffee/vanilla I add coffee and kid myself its a mocha/latte
Right, tomorrow I'm just having soup I think, it's by far my favourite!! Is curry powder ok in the soup? Im sure I read that somewhere, and paprika sounds like a good idea!! I love how cunning everyone gets with fooling themselves that they're eating/drinking something else! Definitely the way forward! xxx

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