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Consolidation hard to get your head around


Don't get me wrong, I'm loving bring able to have a sandwich (Cheese and onion was glorious today) and cheese with an apple is to die for but, crikey, it's hard to get your head around. Plus.... I feel heavier already. Eek!! Perhaps I should have stuck with cruise longer?!

I can't get my head round having pasta yet nevermind a gala meal and I've only had fruit one day out if three so far. The volume of food has shot up. I don't have room!

I've had lamb for dinner though which was a lovely change.

I'm just struggling a bit. I feel like I'm gorging and I'm quite glad it PP Thursday tomorrow.

Worried about weight gain. Oh dear. X
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Half a pound at a time.
Hmmm, once a week eating carbs wont make you put weight on i dont think. Just learn from this new diet and like the book says, base your whole eating around the PV days... :) x
Hi, I'm not into conso yet but I remember from the book that the new foods you are allowed and the gala meals are not 'allowances' they are prescribed instructions, dr dukan orders that you have them! Remember this is a diet designed to enable you to keep the weight off for life so u have to reintroduce all the naughty foods slowly before stabilization to get your body used to them so u don't put it all back on once consos finished. I can totally understand u being scared though, the thought of eating bread pasta an cheese now terrifies me so much that I don't even get tempted (a miracle for me!) and I'll probably feel just the same when I reach conso!
Yeah I get the logic it just seems a lot in I've go. I can just about handle the bread and cheese but fruit and the starch/galas too, plus having to have a pp a week is all a bit much! I feel so much fatter than Monday morning.
I suppose I'll get used to it but at the moment I can't see me having my gala and starch this week. Was so looking forward to this stage too. It's strange! Didn't believe it when people said condo was hard but, mentally, it really is


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Completely understand. When I started conso I struggled straight away and felt really stupid for saying so, but it got the point I really didn't know what to do. Luckily the lovely ladies on here really helped me along and I am thankful for that.

It is really strange going onto conso, I just couldn't fit it in to start with but it does get easier I promise.
Weird, isn't it!
Just take it steadily, adding in each extra as you feel able to.
It took me ages to get round to eating the starch meal, and when I did I found the pasta disgusting after so long without!
I manage the fruit by eating it with my breakfast galette - that way it just feels like an extension of what I was already doing.


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I used to have the fruit and tiny bread allowance as my mid afternoon snack. Having the starch as an addition to a normal PV meal, with plenty of veg and protein still.
Be verrrrrrry careful - a baked potato has a far FAR higher Glycaemic Index than a bowl of wholemeal pasta, and will cause a far higher insulin spike and lower sugar crash.

In short - if you eat the potato you may find yourself RAVENOUSLY hunger shortly afterwards.

So take it slowly -

(I actually tend to use beans/lentils for my starch meal as I no longer enjoy rice and pasta. They have both starch and protein, and usually a very low GI - Chickpeas have the lowest GI of all!

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