Hardest Day, Really struggled...


Guess whos back...
Today was by far my hardest day so far, being back at work i had all the usual urges that come with my usual lifestyle at work, i felt obliged to go in garage on way to work to grab a pastie and crisps / coke. At work (in a hotel this week) i looked longingly at the crisps etc in the vending machines. The hotel resturant smelt lovely all day and as a contractor i could have had food at half price too ! Every hotel room i entered had a nice menu displayed on the desk. My workmate at lunch scoffing food down, The drive home past many favourite takeaway joints i did frequent, and all this with a surprisingly healthy wallet.

Several times during the day i really really considered throwing in the towel and eating, i really thought i would be happier eating my usual loves of junk! Really had a bad day and many many doubts and second thoughts, Dont panic i did resist and i never ate a thing, god i cant deny i wanted to though, i wanted that full roast in the hotel, i wanted that burger on the way home.. God will the desires not end.
CONGRATULATIONS on your successful though very difficult day. You should be proud of yourself. The urges will soon lesson and eventually you will wonder what the problem ever was.

You should be proud of yourself.

hiya lee,
i'm just starting week 7 and last week was by worst by far for wanting to eat - our counsellor has told us that weeks 7-8 can be particularly bad for people but i try to pay a couple of weeks in advance and i'll be buggered if i'm wasting that money!!!!!
gonna commit to the 14 weeks as planned and then take it from there..

Just keep glugging the water - WE WILL NOT QUIT!!!
You've done so well to get through today.
I know how you're feeling and you should be so proud of yourself for not crumbling.

This diet is so different to our previous patterns that it almost feels like we've shocked our systems.

Keep going hun, we'll all get through this together :)

Kitty x
You should be proud of yourself thats part of this diet getting past those temptations and you did it!!!!!
Pat yourself on the back as you ignored that chatterbox of yours and firmly put in him in his place ;)


xxc :D
Well done for resisting the urge and ignoring your evil chatterbox.

Bear in mind that you are actually allowed to have these foods but you are choosing not to have then for the time being.

Also remember that negative thinking produces chemicals that weaken the body so keep thinking strong positive thoughts.

You are doing great...keep it up!
Well done Lee, you are doing so well and i dont htink your chatterbox is going to get the better of you, it wont be long until other people start to notice your weightloss and when this happens you find the positive "strokes" really motivating and this will spur you on even more.
you should be so proud of yourself because you are really doing so well, keep strong and eyes on the prize.
hi there
its cold! That has a psychological effect on our eating patterns!
Hot water with flavouring can help you overcome the need to eat to fuel your body!
It worked for me
good luck and well done you for abstaining!;)