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Hardest moment yet

I just went to Sainsbury's to get some food for my husband.

Man. That was hard. Everything looked so good, and so full of texture, and so fresh. And so much variety. It really was a slap in the face. And for a moment - only a moment thuogh - it felt like it was going to be years before I could eat again, and for that same moment, it made me feel really down.

It won't make me eat anything, but man. It was a lot tougher then I thought it would be.

So that, that was far harder then climbing the wall in to Ketosis - worse then any headache or energy lull.

It just drive home just how focused one has to be. There were little tiny voices saying things to me, and I was able to shut them up, so all I can say is,

ROLL ON JUNE!!!!! lol

The worst bit was the roast chicken in the deli. Thats just mean to make the it smell SOOOOOOOO nice. I walked past there like a puffer fish - I just kept breathing in little puffs in and out of my mouth until my nose was out of range. lol

:sigh: No. I mean... :D
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It does get easier BL.
It doesn't bother me that much any more.
Well done for resisting!
Thanks Ali. I knew I wouldn't cave - not just for that - its going to have to be something pretty darn major to cave...but it was damn hard.

I am glad it gets easier.

Aside from a quick dash, straig to the water aisle, and one for T.P., that is the first time I have grocery shopped since bfore Christmas. It was all just a bit overwhelming. You forget just how much food is available!

Which made me think....after I am dne with this, it would be nice to not only change eating habits but shopping habits as well, and maybe start shoping at the butcher, and the produce shop, and the bakery when I don't have time to use my bread machine - the little local shops, rathar then a store FULL of food of every colour shape size and flavour!! It would be nice to learn to just keep it simple. Hmmmm. I really like that idea. But is it realistic. WHo knows.

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it I suppose.

Cheers hun.


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Another solutions is to get it delivered, I have been doing it for years, and it does help with planning, it saves money as you only buy what you need and don't pick up stuff just cos you see it, if you get to the end and have spent too much you can put stuff back without looking a total 'nana and it is easier to find the special offers.
There is also a forum where you can pick up codes to cover the cost of the delivery.
Since I have been doing LL our shop has gone right down so I have been doing it by hand, so to speak, but I don't mind that for now.
I just get my boyfriend to shop for himself for the time being.
and avoid opening the fridge (although sometimes its a habit!)
as I know that im just teasing myself!
well done BL!!
There is also a forum where you can pick up codes to cover the cost of the delivery.
Since I have been doing LL our shop has gone right down so I have been doing it by hand, so to speak, but I don't mind that for now.

Whats this about codes to waive delivery?


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I've shopped for my husband since day one, I shop every week and it hasn't bothered me at all. I think I was so psyched at doing the program in the beginning that nothing phased me and now I'm used to it... I actually quite like the smells!! weird I know :D:D


Happily pro pointing!
Whats this about codes to waive delivery?
On the money saving expert website, there are threads to get money off codes for online shopping, this is the tesco one.
Tesco Vouchers Codes-NO CHAT NEW THREAD - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums
basically, spend over £50 and you can use a voucher which usually at least covers the delivery charge.
I think some supermarkets do free delivery over a certain amount too. Tesco ones have been a bit thin on the ground since christmas but they always pick up again.
Oh BL I SO know where you are coming from! For the first time I thought tha the prospect of another soup was going to drive me mad. I know I will not cave in because I am so determined but just had a bit of a yuk moment. I realise how much I have to stick to it. I have only been doing it for 3 weeks and will probably be doing it for about another 20!!!
I am totally feeling you, I have miles and miles to go and sometimes when I am cooking the craving is really bad, you can actually taste it. Somehow though I think it is easier than only having a little portion and not being allowed the rest!:banghead:

Deb G

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Hence why I do internet shopping!!!

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