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Has anybody put...

on weight during refeed? The reason i ask as since i have started refeeding the scales are going up!!! :mad: When i called LT last week about a few things she said there could be a possibility that you could put on in the first week?! But as i have been reading through the refeed diaries everyone seems to sts or lost.

I know i shouldn't be weighing myself,but i just don't feel comfortable at the moment. I think the whole process of refeeding has knocked me for six. I constantly feel bloated.

I am on day 4 but question everything i put on my plate,regards to size etc. I am eating beacsue the refeed sheet tells me too,not because i want to - long may it last!

I just feel like it's wrong and as you can appreciate stepping on the scales has made my mood ten times worse - slinky needs to step off the scales. I am worried i am doing it all wrong :confused: I am following my menu that i created to a t.

I s wish i was back on my 3 shakes and day as i am so worried i'm messing things up.
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Try not to worry about it Alison (easier said than done, I know) but the first few days will see a fluctuation as your body adjusts to food again after all the months of just a few drinks every day. I had a STS the first week, but I am sure someone did put on 1lb on the first week of refeed but I cant remember who. I know my Pharmacist told me I could stay the same or even have a small gain in the first week, but this will soon even out as long as you are following the refeed to the T which I know you are doing.

I am a serial weigher, even still after 3 months of maintaining I still step on the scales every day even though I tell myself I wont do it.

I am sure you will be fine hun, just try to relax about it and I am sure you will soon even out.
I really wouldnt worry, if your doing it by the sheet it will all balance up

As said your body will feel a little bloated at first as your getting used to eating which is something not been done for so long

End of the day healthy lifestyle of exercise and good nutritional food will equal no weight gain
Hi Slinky
Same with me hun , its my 6th day on refeed today and my scales which are spot on say that i have put on 2lbs.
Like you im not to hot on eating either, im following the sheet and eating the food because i have to.
Hopefully we will get over this soon. good luck xxxx

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