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Has anybody started on LLT and then finished off successfully on another diet?

Hi - I am just coming up to having done 16 weeks on LLT but am having real problems remaining abstinent and therefore weight loss has slowed down. Have lost about 3 stone and would ideally like to lose another two stone. Was thinking of doing Dukan or 17 day diet as I feel I want to be able to go out with my family and friends for meals. We have a number of family celebrations coming up and I want to be part of them.

As my calorie consumption has been so low I am worried about starting to eat again and putting on weight.

Has anybody successfully switched diets and continued to lose?

Also, I also have about 40 foodpacks left over from days when I just couldn't do 4 in a day. They are soups and shakes - no bars left. I was wondering whether I could include a slimfast bar instead of a LL one if I decided to go back to abstinence?

Sorry for the confused post but all replies gratefully receved

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Tried to PM you but no luck.

I suggest you look into going onto Lite so you use up your packs & stay in ketosis.

Your LLC may swap some packs for bars, it's worth having some spares for emergencies.

The folk on the exante thread have alternatives to bars, pop over there and read the threads for some supermarket alternatives.

Well done on your loss so far!! xx


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I've done LLT in the past for 9 months and finished off until target on Lite. :) But, I did the full 12-week RTM and had a month 'off' in between. I would suggest doing RTM because it really helps when coming off abstinence to be gradually re-introduced to food properly. Don't underestimate the psychological aspect of being required to be on 100% abstinence and being allowed a little bit of food. It's a very different approach and can throw a lot of people who are coming straight from one plan to the other.

Minerva - did you get to target - have a month off and then do RTM? How was it going on to RTM after having reintroduced food not in a controlled way?

Pinkie :)

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The way I understand it... Minerva did LLT followed immediately by 12 weeks of RTM... then had a month off, followed by LLL until she reached target... :)

I could be wrong though, so happy to be corrected... ;)



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Pinkie understood me right. :)
LLT then 12 weeks of RTM straight away... a month off... then re-started LLL to get to target. This was in 2009. I got to target and maintained for a year, unfortunately regained a few stone due to difficulties, so am back on plan to lose them now.

:) But, yes, getting to goal CAN be done on a different diet, but bear in mind that it will be difficult jumping from such a strict plan straight onto a different one - regardless of the amount of 'naughty' nibbles that are going on at the moment. A straight transition to Lite would be worse without some 'formal' reintroduction to food beforehand! :)


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Sorry to hijack your thread Dalek but can i be cheeky and ask and if you dont want to answer i dont mind Minerva but how does RTM work price wise and well really pack wise? Also does the RTM have to be 12 weeks or is it up to your own personal confidence with food again? xx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Sorry Min, don't mean to keep answering for you! ;) But River, have a browse if this thread, might answer some questions...


Personally, the way I see the whole of the LL journey is kind of like having an operation. LLT is the part of the procedure itself, where you are having all the bad stuff removed... And when you get near or even to goal, it's all been successfully take away... However, at this point the wound is still gaping open, and you are more vulnerable to infection (or in this case, weight gain) than ever, as you may feel great coz the 'poison' is gone, but you need to have the wound stitched back up properly before you leap off the operating table!

So then you do RTM... This is the stitching up so you are in no danger & good to go back out into the world safely... :)

I am starting RTM in just over 2 weeks & will do the whole 12 week course... Through those weeks the calorie intake is gradually increased weekly to slowly raise our metabolism back to 2000cals a day... setting us up to be able to maintain at about that daily calorie amount... It also slowly reintroduces different foods back in to out diet so we can monitor our bodies reaction to them... This is vital for us to know what we can eat & still maintain our weight once back in the world of food...

I have stuck to LLT to the letter & it's worked for me... So have no plans to mess with the formula now... They recomend 12 weeks of RTM? Ok then, I'll do 12 weeks... I knew this was gonna be a long journey, after all, I didn't gain the weight in a few months... In fact, I've lose it quicker than I took to gain it do can't complain... ;)

I know myself, and so choose to do it all by the book... I am not passing any judgement on anyone who does it slightly differently or their own way... After all it's about what works for the individual... just speaking here in my opinion for me, that's all... But hope it helps you Hun...

:D /and sorry again to Dalek for highjacking the thread, & Minerva for answering a question aimed at you! Lol...

Just felt I had something to say on this! (as you can tell by the apparent essay! Lol... Oops, sorry!) ;)

:) xx
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I don't mind Pinkie :D Saved ME having to write a long essay. ;) You are absolutely correct, I like your metaphor of the operating table and the gaping open wound. It really is like that with this weight loss programme. There are no shortcuts! 12 weeks is very meticulous and planned out. Most people who I have seen on these forums - who have tried to adapt RTM to what they wanted to do or have not done it at all - have seen longterm weight gain - in most cases everything back and more. Those who HAD completed RTM saw much more success because it trained them to think differently about their daily lives. It prepared them better for the "real world". :)

As for cost - I don't quite remember, but from Week 1 - you only need 3 packs per day, so the cost goes down accordingly. Either week 5 or 6, I believe it goes down to 2 packs.
Remember, you only ever pay for packs! Once you're in LL, you're a Lighter Life Member for life - which means you can attend meetings for free. Many maintainers come back for a weigh-in and a chat nearly every week! It keeps them focused. ... I think I may actually do the same when I finish. :) I like my current LLC very much!
Yes ladies, I agree. I stuck to the LL formula.
Total abstinence for a year followed by the full RTM. it worked for me so I can't knock it. I thought it's tried and tested, why try and improve on it?
I still go to maintenance class almost every week apart from now while I'm recovering from my op.
My LLC has been such a support to me. She knows me well now and recognises, often before I do,when something is bothering me.
As Minerva says, it costs nothing. You only ever pay for the packs.
Bargain of the Century.


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Thank you pinkie, minerva and SB :). I thought for some reason that you opted to stay however long you wanted on RTM but that clears up alot and i happened to find the RTM subform after i posted that post (doh!) lol.

Ive always planned to do RTM from the start as you said Pinkie theyres no point going for your surgery and not taking up the aftercare ;) and after all the stuff ive taken on so far on the diet ive always tried my best to do it to the "T" as it gets to me when i dont :(.. so this is a real must for me now. x

Also as a quick edit! Do you gain on RTM? my LLC says you gain through glycogens so its good to have a leeway.. which brings me to my second question (sorry :p) do you loose on RTM? I plan to get to my "leeway" weight before i do RTM but i dont want to go further than that weight. Thank you so much for this :) and sorry again Dalek! xxx


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Whether you lose or not on RTM is down to your physiology. :) Many people still lose a few lbs in the first few weeks. Personally I did not lose any weight at all when I did RTM because I'm usually a very slow loser. It's really no guarantee to anything, I'd say - the best way to do it is not to expect anything at all! ;)

Also remember that whatever your weight now - you need to add about 5-7 lbs to that figure, because when living our normal lives (not on LL or anything!) we will always have that water weight for quick energy. It's natural to have it there. :)


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