Has anybody suceeded CD having failed on it before?

Hiya mate

Depends on your definition of success. I am now on day 19, having been on and off CD. Some of my break was due to severe ill health, some voluntarily. I believe that it can and will work for me again, and I am determined to keep going.
Hi Yorkie,

I lost the plot in May and tried so many times to get back on and it was tough going and fell off again.

So I started a food diary and worked myself down the steps (roughly) into SSing and that was five weeks ago tomorrow.

This has done the trick for me and my head is back where it was the first time around.

So it can be done.

I had no withdrawal and was in ketosis within 24 hours...

Love Mini xxx
I have had a long time away, and being off CD through no choice of my own clarified a lot of things for me. Have you thought of doing one of the other programmes - 790 or 1000, then maybe working your way down to SS if that's what you want to do?

I have a LONG way to go (approx 7 stone) so I know I'm in this for the long haul. I had to let go of guilt, self-doubt - all of it - and just trust that if I keep plodding and making good decisions more than bad I WILL get there in the end!!
Hiya DQ

I wish I had half your determination. I can't get my head round it at all lately so I can't even think of starting again. My chatterbox is ruling me at the moment and I'm letting it. :(

I know VLCD is the fastest and safest way to lose weight so why o why can't I do it!

Hiya yorkie

i came back off my holiday mid august and have been trying since then to get back on cd... been fighting with my chatterbox for ages and it was bloody winning all the time... until yesterday... all the lovely people on here gave me such a hard bloody time and a good ol fashion kick up the bum and now here i am on day 1 ss'ing 100% and feel brill!!!

you should just ask for a kick up the ass and there will be a queue of people to give it to ya... all in good spirits mind ya!!!

hope you get ur head together soon girl!!

Gen xx
Am just sending you a pm. :)