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has anyone else suffered from..


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I think i'm the opposite...i can't go! I did read on this site that some people have had that issue and also there was a faulty batch of shakes which caused the same. Hope you feel better soon x
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Read my diary, I had the same on Sunday three weeks in, so gave in and ate rice!! Had really bad tum with D :0(

And knew I wasn't ill, just not right at all, and felt completely washed out to boot and couldn't face the packs.

I ate rice and dry aromatic ribs (not a recommendation by all means) but it's what I needed and within hours I was fine and by morning as right as rain!!

Hope you feel better soon x

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It does take time to adjust to this diet and everyone is so different. I had so many weird symptoms at the start it was easy to blame everything on the diet. In many ways it was body saying - umm excuse me where are my usual calories, alcohol and treats'?
In my experience it sort of settles down as you get used to it. When in doubt drink more water, that always helps. Take an early night, that seemed to help too at first. Its an unknown journey and changes like this can be frightening - but as the body gets used to the idea of three magic packets it does seem to settle down. If you are ill, seek advice, or just hang on.
If it helps, once I had got the hang of it I never felt better... as the weight dropped off I felt increasingly better each day, the energy is amazing, so many bits that used to ache just don't any more. Its a delight to put down a five stone suitcase - I used to take it everywhere!

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thanks everyone, it was a weird one..
GSQ it makes sense about the body missing all the bad stuff it's been used to!
i decided to eat some toast but then i was really sick :/
but anyway this morning things seem a better so fingers crossed it was a little bug or something..
hope you're all well this morning



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Pleased to hear you are feeling better today stick with it hopefully the as you chucked:sign0137::9529: the toast up no slipping out of ketosis:D
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haha that emoticon made me laugh!
hopefully you're right, i just got to the point where i was like 'sod ketosis, i HAVE to eat something solid!!'


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Glad you're feeling a bit better this morning - nothing worse than feeling ill when you have to drink milky shakes and look after kids!