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Has anyone gained on 1000 plan?


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This past week, I have followed the 1000 cal plan and last night at weigh in, I gained 1 lb!
Now, I know 1 lb is nothing in the grand scheme of things but I am concerned that I have gained on such a low amount of calories!
Am I destined to eat below this amount for the rest of my life to lose weight and maintain!
My CD c would prefer me to follow 810 until I get nearer to goal but I feel I need to start eating now to stop the boredom setting in and anyway, even if I follow 810 now, I will eventually have to move up the plans.
I am in no rush to reach goal as I am perfectly happy with my weight as it is now but I do want to get a little lower in the long term.
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Didn't want to read and run. I'm not an expert as I'm not at this stage yet (and didn't do it last time I did CD) but I believe it's no unheard of to have a small gain your first week on 1000 due to the increase in carbs. It is dependent on how carb sensitive you are. I would say stick at it for another couple of weeks and it should settle down.

hope fully someone who knows a bit more than me will be along soon :D


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Thanks for your reply.
I think my logical side says, yes I was bound to gain, I have introduced carbs and upped my calorie intake, but then my more negative side says...how the heck can I gain on such a small amount of calories?!!!

I forgot to add in my original post that I came home and had a binge, albeit a very small one but nonetheless, I ate foods I shouldn't have! Pleased to say though, I haven't gained on the scales this morning compared to yesterday mornings weigh in. I suppose that's something to be grateful for!!!!
I think after the first week your body gets used to carbs and your metabolism goes up in accordance with the extra calories and you start losing again! :)

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Think of it this way.... Your body probably lost up to 7 pounds of Glycogen stores when on Ketosis. When you go to 1000 cals your body replaces/restores a good propotion of that Glycogen. So..... if you have gained 1 pound on the scales, you have almost certainly still lost weight (Fat) which is all you care about anyway. The pound showing on the scales is not Fat gain!! So you should be happy! ;)

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Yes, I understand what having carbs does to your body in the way of water etc.....but I was just wondering if anyone else had gained......?
So why are you: "concerned that I have gained on such a low amount of calories!" ??

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Because I know I am extremely sensitive to carbs and I am interested to hear from others who may have gained at this stage of the plan......not the why's and wherefores of why I might have gained!
That's all!
Yes, I gained 'weight' on 1000 calories, because I was eating carbs and refilled my Glycogen stores.

Hope this helps ;)


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Now I'm confused, lol :) so when I get to my goal weight and start moving up the plans, I'll gain glycogen/water weight but still lose fat taking me below goal eventually? Or are you supposed to work through the plans before goal? The book is pretty hazy on the maintenance aspect, I appreciate the knowledge you guys have.


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Hi, I think (but not sure) you're supposed to work up the plans before goal but if that's not correct i'm sure someone will let u know :)

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