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Has anyone got same prob as me ????


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S: 14st1.4lb C: 12st8.3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.2 Loss: 1st7.1lb(10.69%)
Hi all ive had second weigh in today, when i see the nurse she said that because i have thyorid problem ( but im on medication 100mg) she said i wont lose it quick!!! I was happy with week 1 = 7lb week 2= 7lb. She said i will fing it hard to lose weight but im on the medication so to me my body should be working properly.
Hows everyone else how has thyorid trouble getting on with the lipotrim diet ?????????????
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I have a thyroid prob for about 10 years now and take the same amount of med. I did Lipotrim last year and lost weight really quickly. Over 2 stone in 3 weeks. I didnt know the thyroid med would interfere with Lipotrim. The pharmacist knows the med I take and she never said it would be an issue. I must look into it more now that you have raised it but I wasnt expecting a problem from it.

I think you are doing really well, thats a stone you have lost so far. I consider that a very fast weight loss. And you are right, the whole point of us taking the medication is so that our bodies behave normally.


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S: 14st1.4lb C: 12st8.3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.2 Loss: 1st7.1lb(10.69%)
Hi i thought it was good ive never lost that much on any other diet!!! she put a downer on my day really saying that, my doctor advised me to do it? So i not to sure what to think lol. You doing well too !!!!


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S: 14st1.4lb C: 12st8.3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.2 Loss: 1st7.1lb(10.69%)
Hi forgot also she said because my metabolic will be working slower then someone without thyorid problems, i think she is wrong as my doctor would of told me surly, if you find out anything, would love to hear cheers xxxxxxxxx

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I'm on 150mcg of Levothyroxine daily. The whole point of taking thyroxine is to ensure your metabolism is working normally so as long as your medication is at the right dose, there's no reason why losing weight would be slower for you than anyone else. I've lost 2st 10lbs in eight weeks. The person weighing you is talking out of their a**e.


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My mom literally has no thyroid (cancer and had it removed YEARS ago). Although she's not on the LT diet, she's on a similar one, a kind of ketogenic diet, and despite having to take her meds everyday she's still managed to lose, over 30lbs in 5 weeks.


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Hello! :)

Correct advice given above! your so-called fully trained person is taking out of their backside! LOL!

My thyroid doesnt work fullstop and I am having a lot of trouble with mine right now, hence a bit of a weight gain and joining here.. I take 225mcg thyroixine daily which is more than the max dose should be.. but my levels are STILL wonky n low! Its a pain in the ass!

Thyroixine is the same hormone with the same effects on the body so whether you produce it naturally or pop a pill the effect will be the same on your metabolism, therefore meaning your weight gain/loss should be completely bog standard to a 'normal' person without a thyroid problem. The ONLY way this person is talking ANY Sense is if your levels are wrong and you are still underactive on the wrong dose...!

Ignore them! LOL! I had great weight loss even with wonky levels :)

:) xx


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S: 14st1.4lb C: 12st8.3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.2 Loss: 1st7.1lb(10.69%)
Hi all, i thought that to but a big downer on my day!!!! But i didnt give in altho i was just gonna give up? i well chuffed with my weight lose but she thought i should be losing more?????? half a stone in a week i thought was good. And dats my point i said to her thats y we take the medication so its normal then, im gonna just igore her, ive booked to go bk to doctors as i feeling tired ratty all the time, my be its just the diet
Well done on all ya weight loss, so cant wait to be at a nice size xxx


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S: 14st11lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 2st4lb(15.46%)
Hi, I too am on 100mcg thyroxine, week 11 weigh in today and just over 3st lost in total.
I'm really pleased with my losses and my pharmacy has never said anything to suggest my losses would be different.
Best of luck and keep going :) x


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S: 14st1.4lb C: 12st8.3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.2 Loss: 1st7.1lb(10.69%)
Hi thats brillent weight loss, i thought it was all c**p what she was saying im sticking with it, i have never lost this much on any other diet i have tried!!!!!!!

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