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Has anyone had a mole removed?

:(I have a mole on the side of my neck - kind of where a necklace would fall.

I've always had it, and have shown it to the Dr before, who said it looked fine.

Anyway, I noticed the other day that it was stinging and looked like it had been bleeding.

Went back to the GP and showed him, and straight away he said that it would have to come off. He measured it with a tape and said that he would send me to a dermatologist at the hospital and that I should have an appt within 2 weeks.

3 days later I got an appointment through for the following week - This Friday coming.

I'm literally making myself sick with worry that it may be a melanoma :cry:

Having said that, I remeber waking up a couple of nights before I noticed it was sore, and scratching my neck, catching the mole.

Anyway, whatever it is, it will have to come off - but worried about that too :(
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I have.

I went to my dentist a year or so ago & he was on holiday and there was a South African guy filling in.

He said he'd seen a lot of skin cancer back in South Africa and suggested I get the mole on my face checked out as it looked "nasty".

Well as you can imagine I was scared witless. I've had the mole on my face since birth and I'd not noticed any difference in it over the years but he was a "medical man" and from "South Africa" so maybe I'd missed something.

I immediately made an appointment with my GP who said "what an idiot" (the dentist not me), he was 80% sure it was fine but due to the fact it was on my face & in the sunlight more often than other parts of my body he referred me to the hospital to get it removed.

I was still scared it was cancer & I was also scared it would leave a scar on my face but it was all fine. I was in & out in an afternoon & had the all clear within a couple of weeks. There is a tiny scar obviously but nowhere near as bad as I imagined & it's fading all the time.

Anyway, enough of the babbling, what I wanted to say was try not to worry I'm sure it'll be fine. I think if the doc had thought there was anything to worry about he'd have said something and not just referred you on.

Chin up hun. Hope it all goes ok.
I had a mole removed from my forehead a few weeks ago...it too had been bleeding and sore. It took less than 10 minutes for them to cut it out-doesnt hurt and I'm usually a wimp with things like that. About three days later the results were back and all was fine. So you don't need to wait long. The scar has healed nicely. Don't worry about it...better to have it removed and be on the safe side. x Good luck, hope it all goes well for you.
I have had 2 removed - one from my neck and one from my hip - it is pretty painless and the scars are minimal xxx
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I'm glad I found this - I was just researching it the other day - I've got a massive mole on the back of my neck - I obviously can't see it but as my hair is short it is ALWAYS in sunlight - had it since birth but because a friend recently had to have moles removed cause of cancer scares I've been thinking about going to GP about mine.

Cheers for above advice - I was really worried about scarring and such like. Hope all has gone well for everyone
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I had a big mole on my thigh all my life. Then, a couple of years ago, it started to get raised and crusty so took myself off to the doctors. He said they could remove it at the minor ops clinic they did at the surgery every 6 weeks and check it out. The day before I was due to have it removed the mole fell off :eek: leaving absolutely no mark on my thigh.

Moles are weird things!

Hope everything goes well for you!!!
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Moles are weird things!

I've always thought them cute ...... :cool:
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I know this is really late - but thought it might benefit others too.

I had a mole on the top of my back - nearly on back of neck - removed.
There are different types of removal - scrapping, digging it out, cutting it out ...
I had mine scrapped off - ouch. I mean it doesnt HURT hurt, because they give you a real strong painkiller type thing so you dont relly feel anything, but the motion of when they scrap it off -really rough and pulling at your skin. Just doesnt feel nice thats all.

Not painful - just uncomfortable.

I have one on my temple which I am considering having removed - but am quite worried because it is on my face!

Should be ok though :)


in my dreams!!!!!!
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i had one removed years ago from near my earlobe. it was lasered off and didn't hurt a bit, just smelt euuugh! better to be safe than sorry x
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I went to my GP yesterday with a strange thing on my side. He was outright with me and he said he suspects a melanoma. It does look nasty. I have only had it for a couple of weeks.
My appointment to have it looked at is in 13 days time so they certainly do move quickly.
I now have to go to a wedding on friday in Scotland and a family holiday is South of France without know what this thing is.
I just want it off now!!!


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I had same as you but under my arm, and my doc was similar in his haste to get it cut off .... I had it cut off and it was all normal, the issue of bleeding was because I'd probably caught it or scratched it.

It's gone now, and arm seams don't rub anymore, which might also have been a cause.

Try not to worry x
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ty Becky. It will be off and a memory very soon!
I had one removed from the base of my neck (it was quite big and stuck out, which caught on shirts/necklaces etc), the main annoyance was getting the needle to freeze or numb it but other than it was ok.

Only problem is where mine was, it scarred quite badly and raised. but my family seems to be quite prone to that


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I had one in the same place - eveything was fine. It turned out it was just in an awkward place and I kept catching it without realising.

The actual removal is not painful and it heals pretty quickly

Try not to worry - easier said than done I know

Can anyone tell me what they do dressing wise after mole removal?
I have one on my jaw-bone, which I am in two minds about speaking to the doc about. I'm not vain, but I really dont want a scar on my face lol, and I was wondering do they put a dressing on after they take the mole off?
Depends how big it is. I had one froze off, they just sprayed it with cold air and then it just fell off, Another one I had had a elastic band put round it till it was strangled and fell off. Then another was lazered off, My sisters were cut off and she had one stitch. You need to see the Doc and they will discuss best way to go for you treatment and cosmentic wise. Good Luck x
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I had a mole on my neck in the same spot, the same thing happened to me with the bleeding. My chain was getting caught it in and when I was brushing my hair the brush would irritate it.

Mine was quite small so it was shrunk down with some sort of liquid rather than being removed, however the one on my back is quite large and has to be removed next week.

My cousin was recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma, as soon as they removed the mole they checked the rest of her leg and the tissue around the mole was not cancerous, she didn't even need chemo.

I wouldn't worry about it too much :)

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