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Has anyone had gallstones?


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Since around February I've had some niggly/worrying symptoms and my GP seems to think it could be gallstones/gallbladder disease?
I'm not looking anyone to diagnose me- I have an US scan next wednesday where hopefully if theres anything wrong it'll show up? But I've developed some other 'symptoms' that are making me stress? I'm seeing the doctor in the morning to see if he can reassure me, even though he'll probably say "Why didn't you wait til your scan?" but I wanted him to know I have these symptoms in case (for some reason) the scan doesn't show anything and it may be something else- if that makes sense?
Initially I had an occasional niggly ache/pain in my right hand side, underneath my ribcage- like I'd strained a muscle? This developed into a constant ache, which is now a constant mild pain? If I move suddenly sometimes I get a horrendous sharp pain lower down (around my ovary area?) that causes me to double over to catch my breath.
Six weeks ago I was referred to get a scan. For around 2wks now I've had NO appetite. I know I have to eat, and make myself do so, and enjoy it when I do, but I feel sickeningly full almost immediately, and if I press on my middle (between my breastbone/bellybutton) I feel nauseous and bloated? I've gained 6-7lbs in the last few weeks, and I get tired quickly. I was training for a 5k but find I'm unable to do the time/distance I'd worked up to? Also (sorry if this is tmi!) my 'motions' have turned a strange pale colour? These symptoms worry me, and I guess I was just wondering if they're 'normal' if I do have a gallbladder issue?
I'm thinking too much as usual....:wave_cry:
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Hey Irish Mum

Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Im afraid I have no answers for you as I am at an earlier stage in a very similar process to you. I too have had the under the rib cage pain for around four weeks now. Saw the doc today and she has said it sounds like either my gall bladder or kidneys (fingers crossed for gall bladder coz if push comes to shove they can take it out). Have to wait two weeks for blood tests, and shes talking about a scan as well.
Havent had any other symptoms though. But if we d both turn out to have gall bladder problems then at least we have each other on here for support.
Let me know how you get on, I know how worrying it is.


i had my gallbladder removed 26yrs ago aged 21, has anyone else in yr family had it as it runs in my family my mother and 3 sisters also have had theirs out, the symptons u describe seem familiar.


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It all sounds like your gallbladder problem I had gallstones and in the end the pain became unbearable......much worse than childbirth....so hopefully you will get it sorted sooner rather than later.
The pain can also radiate round to your back......
As for the no appetite dont worry too much as it can aggravate the pain....has your gp told you to eat low fat diet as fats make the pain worse too


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Thanks Dawn, I hope we're both 'okay', but as you say- at least if we're not we'll have each other!

THanks for your input Sonkie, it's always helpful to have someone who's experienced it to give their opinion? My diet is extremely low-fat already, to the extent that my dietitian used to give out to me and tell me to increase it as the body NEEDS a certain amount of fat? No- if it is gallstones, from what I can gather it'll be because I'm a life-long yo-yo dieter, and have had two 'episodes' where I lost a lot of weight very quickly? (I think anyway- I'm not expert!LOL!)

The Doc this morning wasn't very concerned at all. He wants me to bring in a bowel sample (nice eh?!) to rule out a gastro infection, and gave me tablets to (hopefully) ease the bloating/appetite issue, but he said there was 'no alarm bells ringing' and if the scan didn't show anything that he'd look into the possibility it was something like IBS? Which I'm not totally impressed with to be honest as I think Doc's sometimes tend to label everyone with 'tummy/digestive' issues under the 'IBS' label? But who knows? If nothing shows next Wednesday then I guess I'll have to 'open my mind' to other possibilities?

Thanks everyone!


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I have gallstones and my god I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone.
Mine started when I was pregnant with just a mildish pain - but baby was breech and had his head right there, so I just put it down to that.

After he was born I had a couple of episodes of pretty bad pain, that I put down to indegestion. Then when he was 4 weeks old I spent the night in A&E and it was pain far, far, far worse than childbirth.

I had the tenderness under the breastbone, but not really any bloating or appetite issues to be honest.

I'm supposed to go and arrange to have my gallbladder removed, but I don't like the idea of surgery, and I haven't had any major pain since that really bad episode, so to be honest I'm putting it off for now, but I know I'll have to do it at some point.


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Hi guys :)

I can associate with all of you on this subject. It can be very worrying and so ruddy painful, definitely worse than childbirth IMO:rolleyes:

I had a sudden attack of pain under my right breast about 4 weeks ago, wouldn't go, ended up in A&E and gallstone pancreatitis was diagnosed. Consultant said that most of us carry gallstones but never have any probs.

Anyway, his suggestion was to remove my gall bladder in about 5 weeks now as he doesn't want to risk pancreatitis again and I have agreed.

I hope you get the answers you need as soon as possible. Some people have the odd gall bladder attack throughout their life and others suffer regularly, regardless of whether you are follo
wing a weightloss plan or not.

I just know I can't do that pain level again or that amount of Morphine!:rolleyes:;):D

Isis x :)


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Pancreatitis can be so serious. That's why i know I need to have mine removed at some point. I hope your surgery goes well.
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I was rushed into hospital 10yrs ago with the worse pain ever.After a scan diagnosed a large gallstone.They kept me in hospital 11 days as i developed pancreatitis.I waited 11 months to have the gallbladder removed by keyhole surgery,and in that time the large gallstone i had broke into 4 small ones.I was off work 7 weeks due to the pain of the surgery,and your supposed to recover better with keyhole.I still suffer from digestion problems but that could be down to my weight.


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Good LORD- 11mths to have it removed!?!? How come you had to wait so long (if you don't mind me asking?). I think the average time her (for non-urgent cases) is 5-6wks?
My scan is tomorrow so I guess I'll know for sure then? If its not gallstones, it's back to square one...
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Hi IrishMum,We are talking 9yrs ago where the waiting lists for ops where bad.That is why they had managed to break into 4 smaller ones.I went on the day ward,and was home the next day,but do take it easy afterwards :)


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IrishMum, best of luck with your scan tomorrow. Let us know how you get on.


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Thanks everyone. It's at 1pm, but my Doc has said they won't really tell me anything, unless there is something really obvious (like stones or a huge 'mass!?!)? But they won't 'diagnose' anything as it'll just be a sonographer who'll read it and send on the results to my GP. The waiting is unnerving...and because I have to fast- I think I'm starving! LOL!

UPDATE: Well, I don't have ANY stones, gall or kidney. And she didn't see anything out of the ordinary? She did lots of pics, and measuring, and asked if I had a history of kidney infections? Maybe she saw something on my kidneys?
Anyway, it's back to the drawing board. At least I didn't have any major problems (like tumours or something!) so my mind is at rest regarding serious illnesses? Maybe my symptoms will subside a bit now I know for sure theres nothing there? The dangers of self-diagnosing eh? LOL!
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I'm glad to hear you haven't got gallstones. But it's annoying to not know what's wrong isn't it.
Hope you feel better soon, whatever it is.


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Thanks Rachel, back to the drawing board- and long after time to get back on track weight loss wise!
Now I know theres nothing 'seriously' wrong, it's back to basics. Time to get the rest of this weight off forever!
I hope you get well soon, my advice is to keep on at the doctors though until they find a cause. I was told that I had IBS and that my pain was pretty much all in my head and it turned out I had lots of gallstones. I have since had my gallbladder removed, but I was in pain for about a year before they did anything.


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yeah if the pain is as bad as you say there must be something causing it (not trying to frighten you or anything:)) so keep on at them til you find out:)

just to note, when i get run down from undereating, overworking and not sleeping etc i get aches in different areas usually starting with my back but can appear anywhere. some people get coldsores but maybe you need a break?


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I have gallstones. I have been having the same pain since 2006. I had an ultrasound in december and they were diagnosed.

Man when they set of they are BAD!! I roll about on the floor. My body feels trapped.

I can have mine out when I am slimmer. I have not had an attack for a while now. Fat does not set mine off alone. It is fat eaten with carbs. No biryani for the longest time lol

Glad yours wasn't gallstones :)
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Hi Irish mum,
Glad to hear it wasn't gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed 8 years ago and it wasn't fun! It's tough though that you still don't know what the problem really is. Just a suggestion while you are trying to find out if you haven't tried peppermint oil capsules they are worth ago, they can really help with bloating and bowel type stomach pains as well as other digestive discomfort. Somebody recommended them to me for the pain when my doctor thought I had IBS but it finally turned out to be gallstones, they did help some of the symptoms. You can get them from chemists and some health food shops.
Good luck with the weight loss and hope you feel well again soon.

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