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Has anyone had sciatica?

big bear

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If so will a chiropractor help?

I'm nearly 5mths pregnant & keep getting really bad pain in my groin & down my leg sometimes so bad I can't walk. It's always my left side also sometimes get pins & needles, numbness & a hot really weird feeling.Had this since my 1st child 18mths ago & its getting worse again.I've been 2 drs but says its wear & tear & my weight.

It's so bad I know its not that so was thinking of the chiro...

Am I wasting my time...?
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Alomst there :)
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I suffered with both my pregnancies, and I had SPD too, or PGP or whatever they call it now.

I went to see an osteopath which did provide some relief, but it was only temporary :( I couldn't afford to go every couple of weeks, which you will probably need if you want to keep it at bay. It did really hep massively after giving birth though xxx


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If you are near a big hospital your GP should be able to refer you to a specialist physio, or I would contact your consultants secretary and they should be able to fast track you.
Hi hun, i had it to. I remeber if was so bad I was crying my eyes out and mat had to put a bag of frozen peas on my bum/leg. It was so painful, more painful than labour id say. Unfortunatly not much helps, mine stopped once i had sophie. Sorry not much help but you have my symphthy xx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thanks to all

I've got a chiropractor appointment on Saturday morning I can't take the pain anymore & it's not fair on my son (nearly 18mths old)

I'll see the midwife on Friday so will speak to her also. My Consultant just fobbed me off too saying it's just part of pregnancy.
That's total BS!! Sorry for the outburst :ignore:

I had sciatica prior to my first pregnancy so when the pain started I presumed it was that until I researched on the net and found out about SPD (or PGP depending who talks about it!)

I suffered from about 14wks.

I ended up being referred to physio via my mw and that did help a bit but not too much. And the pain did continue throughout the pregnancy and made the birth difficult (the epidural didn't work properly because of the positions I couldnt lie in!) and the only time I can honestly say I had no pain during pregnancy was when they gave me the spinal block for my emergency C-section.

I was told my my attending
mw in delivery suite to expect to get SPD again and she advised me that apparently it gets worse with each pregnancy.

I fell pregnant again shortly afterwards and it started up again almost immediately and was significantly worse.

By now I had moved house so fell under a new NHS trust and I pushed to see a physio earlier on.

The lady I saw was lovely, and gave me a support belt to wear when I was up and about, but she also told me not to sit for long periods, but also don't do too much. I was also given a set of crutches which did help but I couldnt use often as I was pushing a buggy most of the time!

The other thing she advised was minimising trips up and down the stairs, and also to have showers and not to have a bath because of the extra pressure on the pelvis.

It really did worsen the further along I got and in the end I had no choice but to opt for a Caesarean again as I literally couldn't move my knees far enough apart to have a successful labour - sorry if that's TMI! especially as we were expecting another large baby and my first's head was too big to fit into my pelvis which is why I had the first C-sec.

Any woman who has experienced SPD know's how painful it is to even sit still so my thoughts are with you and I really hope they get the pain under control.

Your MW should be able to arrange a physio consultation for you and also some appropriate painkillers.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thanks so much MM I'll definitely speak to my midwife.

My 1st was 10lb 4oz and I had a difficult labour but throughout it I could still feel the pain in my left side even though I had an epidural. As it was my 1st child i just thought it was normal & listened to the docs when they said it was my weight and wear & tear (I was 14.7 stone) but it's continued over the last nearly 18mths and now with my 2nd is getting worse.

I think it's more sciatica than SPD as I can open my legs :8855: & it's specifically down my left side & bum cheek...

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