Has anyone managed to stick to lipotrim on holiday?


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I'm starting LT in the morning and was hoping to have a clear 3months or more on the diet to hopefully lose 3 stone. However my mum decided to surprise me with a trip to Florida(!!!!) in the first week of March which gives me only 6 weeks...

I'm really wondering if anyone has managed to stick to it whilst on holiday, or if anyone has adjusted the diet slightly so that they are not just drinking shakes?

em :confused:
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Worked away abroad loads of times last time I was on it and no probs, its a case of everything pretty much goes on hold until finished IMHO;)

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Yep, it has been done before but you need to have iron will. If you don't honestly want to be on the diet whilst on holiday you will break it. Think about what you really truly want and if it is to stay on the diet then you should be fine as that focus will pull you through. If you don't think you will be able to hack it you'll need to refeed properly before you go. x

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You will have so much temptation there it will be really hard to stay on lipotrim. I lost 3 stone in 10 weeks before I went on holiday to Sharm. I managed to stay the same weight when I returned.

By having omlette in the morning, plenty of water throughout the day. An occassional salad with meat, minimal dressing at lunch and a small meal and alcohol in the evening. I used some fat absorbing tablets I got from the chemist called formoline 112. So perhaps have an idea of how you are going to plan it, the theme parks have limited healthy food available.

Good luck its worth starting you have 3 months.XX


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thanks all of you for your advice! i started today! the strawberry made me heave this morning, the chocolate was no better at lunch but the soup seemed to be slightly better. Hopefully will get used to the flavour and stomach it more in the next few days!


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Hi ems
You could always change to LT Maintenance when you go on holiday - you can replace 2 meals and have a low carb meal in the evening.
My 16 year old daughter has been on the maintenace only diet for 8 weeks and even though she ate normally over Christmas has managed to loose 16lb already.
Good luck with your LT journey and whatever you choose when you go on your hols. x


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wow shes done v. well! good luck to her and good luck to you! thanks for the advice.. if i last that long on the program which i hope to, then think that maintenance might be the way to go!


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Hi, if you do stick to it on your hols then pack most of your packs in your main luggage in the official bag and have a note from your doc/pharmacist just in case they are funny about it. If you do eat then stick to lean protein and veggies and you'll stay in ketosis.

What a lovely mum! Mine has just flown off to Florida and left me here freezing my butt off!!!