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has anyone NOT lost on their first week ??

hiya.....am due to go to my first wi later on today and my home scales have NOT budged at all :cry: i know all scales are different but i can judge any gains/losses on how my scales are at home (which conicidentally) are the scame as the class ones....i dont "feel" as though i've lost,even though i've stuck to plan to the letter, really made an effort to watch my portion control etc......so i was wondering if this plan (im on EE btw) can give huge results first week for some, but others it may be 2nd,3rd week etc.....

would really love some thoughts/experience on this, so im not too disheartened later....thanks :):)
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I had a good loss my first week (and, if it helps, I didn't feel like I'd had a loss at all - I ate so much! And I still feel like I do!) but I've seen LOTS of threads on this board where people have had a small loss or even a STS in their first week and then had a really great loss the second week.

So even if you don't have a good loss this week, chin up! If you're being 100% then your hard work will pay off soon enough :)

(But, of course, your home scales don't count if you go to class - you might find you're pleasantly surprised when you're on the official scales!)
thanks very much for that...you have done REALLY well with your losses so far,

i don't mind if i'm to lose nicely next week, but kinda just to know that i might will spur me on :D, i think i'm slightly panicking a bit as i followed SW about 5 years ago and after 7 weeks i left 1/2lb heavier, even though i followed it to the letter then :confused: i guess i just LOVE the plan so much, i want it to work as well for me as it seems to do for everyone else ;)


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Are you doing a food diary on here? Might help for people to have a look at what you are eating etc.

But don't get disheartened if you sts this week, just continue on with it and you will lose. Remember a dripping tap still fills the bucket! Doesn't matter how fast you lose, you're trying and that's what counts!
Hi hun, it was my first wi Monday and I weighed myself on my home scales and hadn't lost anything but when I went to group Id lost 2.5lbs! I've decided to bin the bathroom scales as I never seem to get an accurate reading anyway!

Good luck for today xx


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Sometimes when you have been eating way over your daily calorie requirements prior to your weigh in, you may still be putting ON weight when you start SW. if you have stayed the same, chances are you are now beginnning to lose again. You will notice that with holidays; when you come home you may have put on 1lb only but the next week you put on another 1lb. Look at the monthly picture as a guide. Try not to think too much about portion control at this time (you will need something up your sleeve for later)
I lost 1Lb on the my first weigh in and was gutted, but since then have lost anywhere between 2 and 4 lbs each week and had 2 STS weeks (both self inflicted). There is a girl in my group who didn't lose on her first week and has now lost 5 stone!


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Yeah if you've eaten and worried too much about portion control, you might just not have eaten enough!
Dont be too disheartened It will show over time. I had a sts about week three and as I am over 300lbs couldnt believe it. the following week I ate pretty much the same and lost 6lbs so I think it sometimes just takes a bit longer to show.

Also, make sure you are doing it right if it's your first time with SW. there was a lady in group who put on in first week. when we talked about it in class she had done all the plans together so had 5 h/ex b's and 6 hex a a day!
I've definitely heard of people who have STS the first week and then had a good loss the 2nd week.

I think you need to be on the plan for a few weeks at least before you write it off, even if your first week isn't what you'd hoped for.

Good luck :)
My WI never reflect the true loss and seem to kick in at a later date... no explanation, just me I suppose xx
So, camogirl, how did your first weigh-in go? Good, I hope! :)
thanks for the replies :) well i STS last night, which im actually really quite pleased with, im due my "lady time" lol this week and for the last year of trying to lose weight this week in my month has ALWAYS resulted in a gain, anything from 1.5lb - 4lb....so for me to actually just NOT gain is a miracle, can only put that down to the plan.......am motivated to push on and hopefully i shall have a nice loss next week :D:D