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Has anyone switched from CD to another diet?

I am considering coming off the Cambridge Diet as cannot manage the fluid intake you neeed to stay healthy....
Would like to go onto Slimming World or Slim Fast - but have been advised that I will put all my weight back on....I really don't want that to happen.
If anyone has swapped please tell me how you did it?
Many thanks,
Sophie xxx
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I've stopped CD and I'm just counting calories now.
If you put weight on when you stop CD it isn't fat going back on, its water and other stores refilling.
I gained about 3lbs when I stopped.
I couldn't keep doing SS because my bf was really unhelpful as he thought it was unhealthy. We are both healthy eating now (as he's actually more to lose than me but wasn't interested in losing it before) so I've got his support on this, which makes it much easier to do!
Thanks for your reply...
Did you do any of the other CD plans when you changed?
I am doing SS and have been told I MUST work through all the plans before I stop - but if I can't drink the water I don't see the point......
I have lost 23lbs on CD and expect to gain maybe 5 - 6lb initially but anymore would break my heart....its so hard as you know.
Did you work through the plans? Do you think maybe doing a week or two of 1000cals and then doing Weight Watchers would be ok to prevent a gain bigger than 6lbs?
Thanks so much for your help - need to decide today.. as seeing CDC tomorrow.


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It's probably best to talk to your counsellor about it if you want to minimize your weight gain. I didn't come off SS the 'proper' way, as it was getting to be a real issue. I came to the conclusion that if it was only water and other stores refilling then I just hadn't lost as much fat as I thought, and it was my time to move onto something easier to stick to that I had my bf's support on.
If you check the SW and WW forums there are a number of people who have gone very successfully from CD to them. A couple had a slight gain in the first week but nothing drastic & they started losing steadily after that
I don't suppose you have there user names do you... or shall i just add a post?

No1Yoyo - how long you been off of CD and hows your weight loss coming along since?

Hope all is going well.

Sophie xxxx


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Sophie_mk - I'm just on my first week calorie counting. I gained 3lbs after coming straight off SS and expect to probably stay they same this week or maybe lose a pound or two if I'm lucky. I'm happy enough with that. I'm really trying to up my exercise and get into a more healthy everyday frame of mind. I'm always capable of losing weight; 7st in one attempt, I just need to maintain.....stop yoyo-ing up and down 2 stone, as I have for the last 5 years!