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Has Atkins stopped working for anybody?

I did Atkins about 6 years ago and lost over 3 stone. It was brilliant and I have never in all my life felt so healthy. About a stone before I reached a comfortable target weight my weight loss stopped. Prior to this it had come off about 3lbs a week. Since then I have low-carbed off and on for years but can only lose an initial half stone, then nothing. Has this happened to anybody else? Does anybody know why it happened? It has happened to me on most diets that I only lose 1 stone but Atkins was going great for me. I'm curently on Cambridge but was thinking of alternatives for when I get nearer goal and would love to know the answer to this.
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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Hiya broxi. I have a very similar story to you, lost 2.5 stone about 9 years back, re-started Atkins in February and lost a stone and then the weight loss seemed to stall completely.

I think what happens when people come back to the diet the second time around, what was true for me anyway, is that you kind of think "oh, I know this diet backwards, I know what I need to eat & drink on it and I don't need the book to tell me." And the scales did seem to prove me right for the first couple of months, but when the weight loss stopped and I discovered this place and read Jim's "So you're thinking of starting Atkins" sticky, I went back to the book and then took a good look at what I was actually eating each day. I realised then that my veg portion sizes were bigger than they should be on induction, I was eating too much cheese and having too much booze. I was basically doing the level of the diet which I used for maintenance, *after* my initial weight loss, because that was what I remembered of the diet, the years of maint rather than the initial induction/OWL levels. I went back to basics, weighed everything out for a week or so, and the weight loss did re-start eventually.

That's one of the great things about this place, keeping a daily record of what you eat and finding out what stalls other people can really help you pinpoint where you're going wrong. But if you're truly doing it "by the book", it *will* work. The book has a whole chapter on moving into OWL and finding your own personal CCLL (Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing), have a read of it and see if it sheds any light on things.
Thanks for that, I think that could be it because I did the diet for so long and was so familiar and comfortable with it. I'm on Cambridge Diet just now and it is extremely difficult, unlike Atkins which was great for me and with the same fast weight losses. (I also did SW and it stopped too- so that worries me too). But I'm definitely going to try to low-carb again. I'll try the book and maybe the fat fast. I don't know though if it's just my body gets used to a diet or my metabolic rate slows right down. I was losing loads of weight on CD but it's slowed right down too.
So good to know your weight is coming off again. I'm going to do Atkins on holiday in 2 weeks time so I'll see how that goes.
Thanks x


is going to loose!
Hi Broskig
Stick with CD and congrats on your loss so far. I think it comes down to finding something you can make your life. Low carbing may be your future lifestyle with occasion deviation (because that's life) with a glass or two of wine or the odd meal out or in.

It is about knowing you CCLL like LM said. I am a vege and still trying to find my way with atkins but persisting. Keep at it hun.


Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I think it's quite common to find that weight loss slows after the initial rush when starting a new diet, but if Jim were here he would say "slow loss is healthy loss". You probably don't want to be losing more than 2-4lb per week over a very long period, it can put a strain on your kidneys I believe.

Well done on your weight loss so far, btw! Let us know how you get on on holiday. It's going to be self-catering, I take it?
Hey Laura, thanks for that! I just needed to read this! I'm on week 5 of Cambridge and I didn't lose any weight this week and so have felt terrible about this thinking the same things happening as in Atkins and Slimming World, so I've found that really encouraging.


This is really the time!
I got this of another forum. It is basically saying that if you successfully low carb once, it is extrememly hard subsequent times around. I am not sure if it is right. But many on the forum I got it on say it is very true. One Golden Shot.

Hope it gives some of an answer :)
Hi Broxi,

Hmm I don't know if Atkins does only work once and I'm not about to try and find out. What I do know is when I come off maint, when I'm on holiday I always pile on the pounds, but going back on strict induction when I get back I lose them again. I'm in htat position at the moment, if it fails I'll be sure to let you know.


This is really the time!
I think the problem for people often is when they totally revert to their old WOE for a long time. But, I cannot validate it, because I have never done low carb for a long enouugh amount of time.

Good luck with your holiday weight Jim :)
I'm confident it will go Sophs, it always has before.

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