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Has your head caught up yet?

It took looking at the photos I posted this week to realise the change, and its amazed me, but will have to go through it all again for the next 90Ib, scary isnt it


is a naughty girl...
I still feel like that, and I think I will for a while. I still have a massive belly and it doesnt want to shift the only bit i know I am smaller on is my legs they are like cocktail sticks out of a jacket potato.

I bet you are looking fantastic with only a stone to go. :D

lots of people I dont know very well say I have lost lots of weight but the people closest to me only mention it when I say I have gone down a clothes size, yet they all talk about how much I have lost, behind my back. Why is that?!
thats a strange one Megan, maybe they dont want to hurt your feelings by talking about the fact that you have lost weight, if you know what I mean.

You have done incredible though x
In the mirror i love what i see...but in my head i still 'think' like a fat person :D as in not realising i could get into alot of the clothes in the mags im looking at and i'd actually look ok in (strange)

Think will take twice as long for the head to catch up on this diet as its done so quickly


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My head caught up the other day. I thought "cripes...I don't look 19st anymore...well I'll be jiggered" :clap:


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I'm exactly the same, still thinking fat. Like allowing myself extra room that i don't need and not believing that i need the next size down and still automatically looking to the back of the rail for the bigger sizes, taking 3 different sizes into the changing room. Went shopping for a new outfit the other week and i felt lost in the shop because before it was easy as i went straight to the plus size rail and picked something by size first and then decided if it would look ok on me. Don't get me wrong i love it, having so much choice but now need to learn how to shop for my new size. I was very pleased with my outfit in the end though even though it took me ages to shop for it. :)
mm learnign how to shop is going to be an issue for me too! But still a long time to go before I will have to deal with it.
hi guys

im having the same kinda thing

ive lost 2 st 2 in 6 weeks dont know what ive lost this week and end of next week another wi but gone from a size 20 to 16 but im totally confused re my self image i hate photos of me hate em hate em but when a 20 said id be happy if were just a 16 thats kinda normal... but now i am it dnt feel that way. ive prommised myself and oh il strt appearing in some photos i think its the onky way im gonna really understand plus il post some on here :)
U know, i have a bit of both... sometimes i squeeze through places I dont have to,and others I feel tiny, like when i was 18.. very strange!
Defently not- I always say that ive lost 80lbs but my mind hasnt. I feel as big now as ever- its only when i look at pics I almost fall off my seat!

Even shopping - I think its always a joke when i fit into smaller clothes.. I feel naughty for even thinking i fit in it!
Another one that hasn't caught up with weight loss.

I remained in the same clothes although I had lost nearly 2 and a half stones, but now loving the fact that I am a size 14. Buying my 'interim' wardrobe was a wonderful boost and I would recommend that people do bin (donate/sell etc) the baggy clothes that become too big. Mine were indeed binned as I regarded the stuff as scruffy, although my friends now dispute this and say I had a distorted view?!
Going to a concert (The Nolans!) on Monday but don't have the confidence to get dressed up. I must go through my wardrobe and pick a special outfit (although my 'regular' clothes that are awaiting the slim me are size 12, there are a few nice blouses that will fit).
I'm in the mood for dancing... x

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