has your skin gone back?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by claira07, 6 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    :confused:right everyone, i love this diet and am looking forward to being 9st 7lb but am getting myself panicked and worked up about skin, i have seen some posts and pics and feel really emotional and scared that if i get to my goal, i will hate my body xx
    for those who have got to goal, what has happened, does anyone have pics, i would like to hear from all, if your skin has gone back or if it is awful any stories and feelings, thank you so much claira xxx
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  3. broxi

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    Hi Claira, I lost weight very quickly on Atkins about 6 years ago (it doesn't work for me anymore) but was about 40 so older than you. I lose about 3 stone in 4 months. Anyway I didn't have any loose skin then. I'm worried about it now though as I'm older. I'd do lots of toning exercises and, apparently skin doctors recommend Bio Oil for that.
  4. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    thanks sweetie x
  5. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    would be interesting to find out too, im obsessing over firming cream about four times a day and doing my ab king pro and going to buy something off the shopping channel like slendertone but just the shockers instead of the belt.
  6. lemma1968

    lemma1968 Silver Member

    It depends how overweight you are to start with. The more you have to lose the greater the chance of your skin having lost some of elasticity and it may not shrink back.

    I have an apron of fat from 2 c-sections. That will not go. I suspect i will try and go for a tummy tuck when i have been at goal a while (should i get there). Will need to rob a bank to get it but...well, we shall see.

    You can improve skin tone with things like bio oil and firming treatments but they will not give the skin backs its elasticity.

    Every person is different as well. So each persons body will respond differently to the weight loss.

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