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Hatchlings Last Chance

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by hatchlings, 5 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    I said I was going to do this because it gives me another place to be accountable and find support and yes I definitely need both!

    I'm 26 and weigh the most I have ever weighed, I weigh more than when I was 40 weeks pregnant with both my daughters so you know, it's not a good place to be.

    I've got long term goals to lose over 5 stone but I'm trying to take each day as it comes whilst also trying to get my head around Slimming World - today is my official second day and after thinking yesterday had gone all wrong (my calculations were wrong) I'm back on track today I hope - not a great start eh?


    Tuesday's Food:

    Breakfast: Muller Light Raspberry and Cranberry
    Lunch: Red Peppers & Spring Onion Salad with Cous Cous
    Dinner: Lamb & Red Pepper Flatbread with Large Salad (Wholemeal Wrap - 6.5 syns)
    Snacks: 2 Quality Streets (4 Syns) & 1 Square Wonka Chocolate (3 syns), 3 Boiled Eggs & 2 Slices of Ham
    Drinks: Coke Zero, Water, Green Tea

    So I completely forget my healthy extras altogether which is a stupid way to start but I had thought my flatbread would be one I completely misjudged it all!!

    Thanks for reading and if you have any tips or advice let me know (I won't be going near the wraps again even though I've heard about the free one now haha)
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  3. Lucy6226

    Lucy6226 Member

    I've already said hello on your other thread :) and I've subscribed to this one as I'm new too and hoping I can steal some ideas!! :D
  4. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    Thanks Lucy :) I'm hoping I come up with some decent ones at the moment it's like eggs eggs and more eggs when I really want a massive sandwich haha!!
  5. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    Right! Yesterday's food!

    Breakfast - Two Boiled Eggs & 1 Slice of Wholemeal Toast with Vitalite (HEB + 1.5 Syns)
    Lunch - Pasta with 40g Half Fat Cheddar and Passata with a Large Lamb's Leaf Lettuce, Onion & Cucumber Salad with Fat Free Vinaigrette (HEA)
    Dinner - Baked Potato & Beans & a Large Lamb's Leaf Lettuce Salad with Cucumber, Sweetcorn & Onions

    Snacks - 2 Mikado (1 syn), 3 Lotus Biscuits (4.5 syn) & Wotsits (4.5 syn) & 1 Egg (can't stop with the eggs haha)

    Syns used - 11.5

    Drinks were all coke zero

    Feel like I'm snacking A LOT but perhaps I'm over thinking it
  6. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    hello! Am starting back with sw now too, will stick around to see how your getting on xx are you going to groups?
  7. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    Thanks Fern - it sounds like you've had some serious success in the past so I'm sure you'll be able to get there again no problem!!
    Yeah I went to my first group on Monday but had to run off straight away as it was my eldest's birthday but I'm going properly next week :)!
  8. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    3pm and I've eaten 6 syns - not a good idea for me at all! My own fault for picking Mug Shots with syns! Newbie error - will try harder next time!
    It just means I have to change my evening routine a little but it won't be so bad - quorn sausage and mash for tea with a mountain of carrots and broccoli :D!
  9. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    The joy of realising my sausages are syn free :D! Yay! These little things keep me going haha!
  10. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    Right! Yesterday's food!

    Breakfast - Two Boiled Eggs & 1 Slice of Wholemeal Toast with Vitalite (HEB + 1.5 Syns) - being made to share this with two toddlers was totally unfair
    Lunch - Homemade Carrot & Fennel Soup (Ew) - nothing in it except carrots, onions, fennel and stock (it was completely horrible, it was like baby food!)
    Dinner - Low Fat Quorn Sausages, Mash (HEA - milk) & Aunt Bessie's Gravy (just 50ml so 1 syn)

    Snacks - 2 Mikado (1 syn), 2 Lotus Biscuits (3 syn), 1 Cheesecake Mullerlight (1 syn), Mediterranean Mug Shot (2.5 syn), Richmond's skinless sausage frozen (4 syn)

    Syns used - 14

    Drinks were all Coke Zero

    The sausage foiled me! I made too many for the girls' dinner without even thinking so I won't be doing that again - I was also disappointed that I bought non-syn free mugshots but I quite enjoyed it - I had it when the girls had their dinner to avoid me picking at leftovers which is a horrible habit!
  11. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    Aaaaand the next day (Friday)

    Breakfast: unsurprisingly two boiled eggs & wholemeal toast (HEB) with Vitalite (1.5 syns)
    Lunch: pasta with passata, mushrooms, peppers, onions & ricotta (HEA) & large salad with lamb's leaf lettuce, spring onions & peppers
    Dinner: 2 Pastry-free mini quiches (eggs, onions, spinach & ham) with jacket potato chips and brocolli & a ketchup sachet (0.5 syns)
    Snacks: Mug Shot (Syn Free one - Yay), 3 x Mikado (1.5 syn), Wotsits (4.5 syn) & Mullerlight NY Cheesecake 1

    Syns total: 9

    The little pastry-less quiches were nice - although nothing like quiche but it meant I was using eggs a little differently and didn't end up snacking on any! Mugshots are totally the future - I had one when my partner came home from work today where I'd usually share his pizza!
  12. hatchlings

    hatchlings Full Member

    I'm rubbish rubbish rubbish and forgot this diary completely BUT first weigh-in was Monday and I'm 4.5lb down - this feels like a positive start and I am aiming to get another 2.5 off this week so I can head towards that first shiny sticker thingy!
  13. Lucy6226

    Lucy6226 Member

    Wow that's a fantastic loss, well done :)

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