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I am on re-feed because i am going on holidays for 2 weeks next Tuesday.... I am hate it, I am no where near my target. My body and mind is confused. I am petrified of putting on weight and ruining all my good work, i want to have a good holiday. I am hungry all ready again which means i am out of Ketosis. :( WHY did i book a stupid holiday in the middle of this?????
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Aww hun stick at it! At least you are refeeding and not just going away and cheating! then when yo are back you can get straight back on the wagon xx


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You booked a holiday, because you have done sooo well and deserve one and you can start back on LT when you come back huni... just stick to healthy eating i am sure you wont put it all back on xxxxx Where are you off?
Going to a villa in alicante, Spain with friends. It'll be fun. Really will try to stay on track and bring LT for breakfast and lunch if possible. Walk and swim as much as possible to get rid of any drink or extra calories I intake but it really is SOOOO easy to pile it back on as you all well know. I have put on 7 lbs in a week on hols before so easily.... I only have to breath :sigh: hahahahah


too hot to handle!!
what does refeed intale,,lol this is from someone who only started liportim today,,


Says it as it is!!!
what does refeed intale,,lol this is from someone who only started liportim today,,
Ha ha like your style ....forward thinking hehe you will be there soon enough hunni ;)
But we'll probably all have dark circles under our eyes from late nights on here lol


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Just enjoy your holiday and worry about your weight when you get back....... after all life is for living isnt it? When you drink have spirits with a diet coke or water as theres no carbs in that and if you want to stay in ketosiss thats what you need. Tons of salads, chicken, fish etc, but try to stay away from potatoes and pasta, but at the end of the day its your holiday so enjoy it... wish I was going lol


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too hot to handle!!
aw thanks,,i dont understand tofu,,never tasted it lol,,is it healthier,,


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When I did Atkins, I was in ketosis, so might be worth sticking to an atkins style diet while you are on holiday. It's plenty of lean meat, low carb veg, no fruit though. I hardly ever felt hungry when on Atkins, gave it up cos I was so bored!

LT probably wouldn't recommend it though. Has anyone else tried it? Atkins doesn't have to be high-fat, if you do it properly, there isn't anything to put the fat on, eg, bread, potatoes, etc. You can have things like a caesar salad, or scrambled egg and ham, tuna salad, steak and salad. (Mouth watering now!)


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hi louise i did a refeed for my hols and know exactly how you feel,but this helps control your eating on holiday,you cant really enjoy a holiday without food and alcohol but you can eat carefully,have lots of fish and salad and lean meat and try keeping the water intake up ,set yourself a start day when you get back and stick to it ,i restarted the day after my holiday and then went for a weigh in 3 days later and i had lost 2lbs off the weight i was before i went away ,enjoy your holiday hun then jump straight back on the LT train xxxx

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