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Have a bbq on sunday and worried

Im on day 5 as i had to restart as had friends here on day one and i had a lovely spread on the table and i couldnt resist

ive been good since then and not cheated once

i even survived an evening at my mother in laws while she was cooking curry

and my hubbie and daughters 11pm trip to subway last night

but im scared bbq is my fav and im apsolutly terrified

any advice wll be greatfully appricated
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Is there no way you can avoid going? I know that sucks but personally I've become a social hermit so far on LT as I know I can't be trusted! lol
I cant avoid it unfortunalty as its at my house for my daughters 4 th birthday

I really didnt want to have a bbq this yr i would have prefered a small little kids party but ive been bullied into it by family

maybe i could hide upstairs lol
Ahhh, I see. Well if you're the hostess with the mostest you'll be too busy running around ensuring small children aren't sticking fingers into plug sockets etc to worry about eating! Are you going to be in charge of cooking or someone else?
i have asked my brother in law to take charge of the cooking

{a good idea as id probally give everyone food poising lol}

but ill have to do the spread for the table you know the extras ect
Right, so you have loads and loads of water prior to needing to set the table and also make sure you have a shake as close to that time as possible. Hopefully you'll be so full you won't be interested in the goodies and just remember, they might look yummy but I guarantee you they won't taste as good as you'll imagine they do and you'll feel so guilty and awful afterwards it just won't be worth it.

If you get through the day without caving it's also extra ammunition for the next event as you'll know you've done it before and therefore can do it again.

Keep strong hun, you'll feel so fabulous for having won out over the little food devil on your shoulder! x
hello sweetie i know you can do it cos you have the willpower you have come this far and you are doing brilliant and i am so proud of you as in birthday party make sure you drink plenty of water and ya shakes so you are not hungre also i say to myself if i eat i will make myself ill that seems to work also think about why you are doing this!! good luck hun and you know if you need surport come day pick up the phone i am here for you. you are doing brilliantly and i am so proud of you xxxxx
that isnt a problem in the slightest
Hya - just read your post and just had to reply. My sister and hubby came up from London on Saturday and stayed with me so all my family got together on Saturday evening at my house and I cooked a curry for 10 people and did all the extra spread on the table and did it all without even a nibble of a dorito! I thought it would be so hard but I had a large wine glass of iced water near me all the time, had a sake just before they all arrived and I kept dead busy making sure every-one had a drink, had enough to eat whilst clearing away as people were finished. I played with the kids and honestly, I did not miss the food. I am one of those people or sorry I should say was one of those people where food was my world and everything revolved around it. I made it through the evening and I was sooooo proud of myself when I woke up on Sunday morning; especially where I jumped on the scales and had lost weight from day before!! Gave me the pat on the I needed! Just keep strong and think why you are doing this and think of the next bbq when there will be so much less of you!! good luck - you can do it.....


I will do this!!!
I think its just got to be down to you to be strong and think....do you want to eat that piece of chicken/burger which will taste ok for 30 seconds or do you want to lose weight and change your life??? its only you who can decide. Just be strong
Hi not sure if youve read my post I had a BBQ last week which was organised before the start of my LT journey. So i told my hubbie I would do all the cooking hoping that being busy and the smell of the food would put me off eating and it did i was amazed that it worked the biggest problem was explaining to people why I wasn't eating and drinking.
Be strong think of the bigger picture, Im sure you'll get through it.
I'm on day 9 and feeling a lot like you since Saturday, when I had to resist fantastic smelling chicken wings (among other things) at my boss' party. Went to a show with friends yesterday and there is apparently a bar and grill in the building, so the halls smelled amazing. That was tough! I've already written a bit about this in other threads, but I have something that so far has gotten me through it every time. I put the "Rocky" theme on my mp3 player. Whenever I feel tempted I put my headphones on and visualize a thin and fit me running to the top of those steps (can you see the scene from the movie in your head?), jumping around and all triumphant. It's geeky, but really works for me. If I need a little more incentive, I just imagine something really gross about the food I am tempted by.

By the way, your first weigh in will give you a bit of incentive too. I had mine yesterday and the 9.5 pounds gone in a week was enough to make me think I could keep going. You CAN do it!

Rose, you can do this! If you want to cheat you will and feel guilty afterwards but you can resist if you want to as well. I have been to 3 barbeques since I started LT and have managed to get away with eating nothing at each, just drank lots of water. No-one, except my children and OH knew I am on this diet and no-one noticed I wasn't eating. Just keep drinking water and mingling with your guests. You may find the barbeque is over before you know it and not a morsel has passed your lips! If you do feel peckish then you can nip inside for a shake or a black coffee.

Good luck hun. You have started so well that you can continue it!


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