I'm a cheat and have to laugh or ill cry


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Aghhhh ive cheated again tonight, that was Monday night and tonight... booo hoooo. Ive eated a bowle of wheetabix then tuna with veg. (suppose im have a massive drink tomrorow night so ive taken my self out of ketosis i suppose if i look at it that way lol) Ive had a terrible week, bunged up and in pain, hubby on lates... just temptation. SO im out at a party tomorrow, im enjoying tomorrow and saturday then back focused 100% Sunday. I done this last time and went on to lose 11lb the week after so im confident that i know i can get off what ever i put on. I funnily dont acctually feel guilty which im happy about. Heres to another 10lb off by xmas! lol x
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Just a blip hun, you`ll do it :) xx


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Enjoy ur night out and put it out of ur mind xx

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You have done so well so far Lucy_Jucie, enjoy yourself!!! You know you will carry on when it is the right time for you.
x x x