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Have been prescribed Xenical- and scared


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Hi guys

After yo yoing for so long, I went to my docs and the only thing she could give me was Xenical. I accepted as I am so desperate to get things under control.

I have also joined ww which has worked for me in the past. But I am scared as I have only read bad things about it, so I just wondered how you are all getting on with it, and what the general 'rules' are, as my doc didnt really go into much detail.

Any advice will be gratefully received.

Thanks alot
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Hi Tracey and welcome to the big bad world of Xenical. First of all we were all scared in the beginning but there really isn't anything to be scared of, all those horror stories? Just people who didn't follow the rules. This isn't a wonder drug, you aren't going to waken up tomorrow with all the weight gone and no effort on your part. What Xenical does is re-educate you about your diet while lending a helping hand along the way. You will be doing most of the work. Read all you can, especially the stickies, and you will soon get the hang of it but the general rules are as follows;
Don't eat any food that contains more then 5% fat (total fat, that is, not just sat-fat) and don't eat any more than 15g of fat per meal. Take a tablet with each meal. It sounds complicated but it really is very simple once you get in to the swing of it. If you eat too much fat yes, you will get side effects and yes, they are unpleasant but this is only if you break the rules, and break them badly. Stick to the rules and there are no side effects. Except weigh loss of course.
Good luck, post often, we're a friendly bunch and all ready to support each other to the bitter end!

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Hiya Tracey,

I've only been on Xenical one month, so there are far more experienced posters around here, but I second what KB says. You will only have side effects if you eat too much fat. When I started on Xenical, I read around the internet and I too found some real horror stories, but Xenical does work, I promise.

It’s good that you’ve found this forum as on here are real women (and a few gents too) who are using Xenical properly, who can support and motivate you through the ups and downs that dieting brings.

I definatley recommend reading through the diaries too, as these will give you a good idea about how other people have found Xenical and good ideas of things to eat too.

Good luck, but you won’t need it.



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hi tracy! i'm new to xenical myself, only on my 4th day but i must say, i havent felt like this in regards to food in a long time. i am down 2lbs after 4days, and this is due to the fact that i am too scared to eat high fat foods, its like having a weight coach looking over your shoulder 24/7!
if you dont stick to it, you will pay the price. its perfect!

i was very aprehensive starting myself as i got IBS as a result of the lipotrim diet but i honestly feel great! sometimes in life, you need that little extra helping hand and when its given to you, grab it!


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Welcome. You will find so much help and support around here that you will find yourself addicted to coming on here and feel lost without it.. that's about the only side effect I can think of... Hehehe

As pink kelly said, there are real people here doing this. Doing what you are and hoping for the same results as you are.we are all here to help.

Have a moochie about, you will find probly the Good the bad and the ugly, but we are all getting through it
Keep posting, start a diary, and you will find that the next 6-12months will fly by and you will be at your goal before you know it

Good luck
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hi all im not on xenical but was reading your post and im intriged by celtgirl`s post how did you get ibs from lipotrim? this is the first iv read of any serious side effects
good luck on your journeys x x x


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hi soso hopeful. Lipotrim was the worst mistake i have ever made. I did not have any health issues before october 2008, bar being 16stone. so i went to my pharmacy, spoke to the chemist and he agreed i would be n excellent candidate. i was very excited! the first and second days went great, then i started to get a terrible back pain/kidney pain. i figured it was just the ketosis as i had emaied a few people on a forum with the same problem.

days 4-6 was a living hell, i couldnt walk i was in AGONY! i had to go to the hospital where they told me if i had have stayed on lipotrim just another few days they would be removing my gallbladder. 2009 was a NIGHTMARE and that was just after 7 days on lipotrim. i would tell everyone to run a mile from the stuff but i understand it can work for some people. I honestly never knew IBS could be so bad, when in work sometimes i would literally be in tears with the pain, couldnt drink alcohol, couldnt exercise AT ALL and if i stopped eating the acid in my stomach would start up.

which is why i was so reluctant to go on xenical, but my doctor assured me that it is completly different, lipotrim is a starvation diet and is the same as living on little more then a multivitamin.
since taking xenical i havenot had ANY IBS symptoms and its like breathing a sigh of relif that i couldnt do since oct 2008.


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Hello and welcome Celtgirl

I was taking xenical for about a year and I never had any symptoms that I couldn't live with :)

Good luck!!


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Thanks purple kathryn, I can see youve done a GREAT job!! congrats on all your hard work!


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Hi girls, thanks for all your support,I am going to start tomorrow as I had my brothers wedding over the weekend, so I will use today to brush up on all the rules and food shop x x

Thanks again


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)

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