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Have been soo upset :'(


..doing it!
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Right hellooo firstly to everyone, :wavey: and congrats on your weight loss thios week. Its been a few days since i last came on here, i hope that everyone has had a better week than me, and this is why....

I had my week 6 WI last friday (had to run there coz i was late for a nurse appointment after!)

At the branch i go to there was a different chemist there so i had to state who i am/what i want etc which was fine.

I lost 1lb (did NOT cheat) and to be honest although its not a great loss, i know at least its going in the right direction!!!

So i was sad but happy if u know what i mean :)

BUT when the chemist stated my loss, the WAY in which she said it made me LIVID!!!

"ohhh dear, you have ONLY lost 1lb this week and that isnt very good on this diet is it? Do you know how much water you have to drink? You look like you are sweating. Have you had problems with bowl movements. You must have done something wrong." In a condesending way.

Nice of her eh!!! I felt soo demorralised by the way in which she said this :( The lady that i usually see is soo possitive and supportive especially two weeks ago when i had a loss of 2lbs :patback:

I politely informed her that:

1) I did NOT cheat.
2) A 1lb loss although not great is STILL a loss.
3) Surely i do understand how much water i need to drink. I drink 5litres a day and that excludes shakes and includes my hot drinks.
4) I was sweating (not alot) because i had just RAN there to make it in time!
4) If i had trouble with my bowl movements i would have stated this before hand and asked for senekot etc.

To all of this she replied while rolling her eyes and shrugging: "Drink more water."

:eek: erm.... right well that didnt help me at all :cry: I was soo upset for the rest of that day and i almost packed it all in :17729:

Anyway, i did not eat which was very :censored: hard to do! And i have since calmed down, well after a few days and ALOt of sparkling water haha!

I wonder if she will be there this week friday hmmm.....???

*sigh* :needhug:


Lei xxxx
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Ah hun dont let that snotty cow get u down! As u said it is still a loss, she didnt seem to be a help at all. U will prob have a fantastic loss next week!

Good luck and dont let 1 bad week ruin how well u are doing x x


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What a b:censored:!!

Do you know the name of the other lady? Maybe ring ahead and ask to see her. I would simply say that I did not like the other lady and want to deal specifically with xx person.

That Pharmacy needs to know that this woman could potentially be turning away Customers! So by asking for the other lady, you are indirectly letting them know that.


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Never mind telling the pharmacy - tell LT how unsupportive she is!

Well done for sticking at it in spite of her - I'd be telling them that too!! xx
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Well done for sticking with it Lei! I don't think some pharmacists realise how important it is that they are supportive and positive. I had a similar experience after my first week on LT.

I had stuck to it religiously and drunk more than 4 litres a day but at my first weigh in only lost 4.5lbs. I was really disappointed with the loss with it being my first week and was a bit upset about it.

I wanted some reassurance from her than was a normal loss (and some encouragement to stick with it!) and asked if it being my TOTM could've slowed my loss down but all I got back was her telling me I couldn't eat anything on the plan, not even chewing gum as anything can have an impact on your loss (like I didn't know!!!). It was totally condescending and I was even more upset by her implication that I had not followed the plan as I should. Well, I was quite devastated afterwards and burst into tears on my way home. I ended up going home and having something to eat and washed it down with a bottle of wine!

I took a week off to think about things and to find a pharmacy I think is supportive (I literally rang around all the LT pharmacies in my area to find one that I liked!). I've now started at a different pharmacy (I'm now on day 2) - the lady who put me on the programme there was lovely and so enthusiastic and encouraging. I really think it will make all the difference. It's further for me to go (near where I work) but I don't care as long as I will get the support I need. So (sorry about the long reply!) I just wanted to say that I totally feel for you and wish that I had been as strong as you and carried on regardless. Big hugs hun - and keep going!x


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that was very mean of her. she mustnt know how sensitive we can be about our weight. honestly sometimes even a look from someone else can send me running to the comfort of the chocolate cupboard! if you have to see her again and she is like that again tell her its just as well you are not relying on her for support and a less strong minded person would be put off. that way you get your point across but dont let her think she has got to you. good luck for next week x


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How inconsiderate! Even on VLCD, people will have losses of 1lb, 2lb or STS as the body has to have time to catch up. She clearly doesn't know what she is talking about. You'd have to be extremely lucky to get a 5lb loss every week. You're doing so well hun, keep it up :)


Here we go again!
So sorry you've had to deal with an awful cow like this!! Why are some people so snotty and condescending about this diet when we obviously know more about it than them?

A loss is a loss so be glad of that and keep going, cos you're doing really well.

The last month or so I was drinking at least 5lts a day of pure water and found my losses were 2lbs one week and 3 or 4 the next. Last week I cut down to 4lts a day and lost 5lbs this week. Don't know if it was the water but just thought I would suggest cutting down the water a little and see if it helps with next week's loss. Seems to have done the trick for me.

On another note, did you get your CRB check back and have you started that job yet? Just being nosey but like to think things have got better for you. Stay strong and positive, you're doing great!


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I think prehaps the chemists that are doing lt should do some form off training. My last weigh in I got a different girl I'd lost 4lbs of which I was really pleased with and she said well done I lost 3lbs last week welldone I said to her are you doing lt no she said just healthy eating. Well I thought mmm is she saying you've not eaten all week and lost 4lbs I've lost 3 with healthy eating. Maybe just me but I think sometimes things should be kept to themselves. Anyhow not to worry it will be us Ltrs with the last laugh.


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sorry you had such a bad experience at the chemists. The woman obviously doesn't know her job very well. I am all for voting with my feet and complaining where needs be. In these recession hit times it would do some people well to remember they are in a job because we are spending our money in their shop therefore keeping them employed. :soapbox: That's the end of my soap box bit. For you, hugs :grouphugg: and congratulations, you showed your will power by not going home and eating. Try the tips on here and next week your losses will be great, just you wait and see. Hope you have a great week.


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:hug99: Well done for not just taking it on the chin....I would have felt like crying if that had been me....(I'm a bit of a wuss, really!) Shame people who deal with the public are not trained in people skills....can you imagine if she volunteered for the Samaritans...!!??? Doesn't bear thinking about, really. What a COW!!! Best of luck on the rest of your LT journey, darlin'. Keep up the good work!


..doing it!
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Morning :wavey:

:thankyou: everyone for your support!!!

kellymarie3488 - thanks hun she did seem snooty :rolleyes: ahh well her problem not mine eh!

minnie_me - i feel like such a ditz coz i forgot the name of the lady i usually see but i will find out when i go this friday.

JanD - Haha!! I was calling her every rude word i know (in my head) to distract me from food over the weekend. And who says bad language isn't constructive!! :giggle:

Becci - Glad that you found a more supportive pharmacy :) I understand where you are coming from hun! Even the smallest amout of possitive encouragement can make the world of difference between sticking to it or stopping altogether. And without any external support ie councelling, going to weekly group WI's, or family & friends support, the chemist is the MAIN point of contact for most people on LT and they therefore need to be sensitive and supportive of their customers. Im not asking that they flippin hold my hand but just be nice and non-judgemental. After all if they dont then they loose out money wise right??

etheral - thanks for the tip, i'll say that if it happens again!

sbridge7 - thanks for your support hun :) it was almost as if she didnt know that!!! Hmmm she WAS a chemist so she should have known.

MiniB - Ahhh i was thinking that when she told me to drink MORE water :eek: im going to reduce by 1ltr and see how it goes. I know that with regard to water intake everyone is different, so we all need to tailor it (within LT guidelines) to our bodys requirements.
I track my CRB check every day online and it hasnt changed since 14th may :eek: stages 1-4 were completed in ONE DAY and then it got sent off for stage 5:Records Held By Police Search and its "In Progress" still :cry:

The company that i applied to work for have received all my refferences and are just waiting stage 5 part of CRB check then i can start. It sucks coz im oh-so-ready to work but legally cannot yet.

My friend suggested i dial 999 and tell them that the emergency is the fact that i DO NOT have a criminal record so whats the flippin hold up haha!!:rolleyes: :giggle:

So im twiddeling me thumbs and trying to keep busy...kinda hard coz im single and i dont have children. I often spend time with my close mates and their kids and omg they can be a handful!!! :eek: Best contraception ever :sign0007: tmi!!!

kellywobble - I will ask about training and see what they say. I will give her the benifit of the doubt and IF she is rude to me the next time i'll :copon: her :sign0007: i mean i will report her to LT. I do understand that i may be extra sensitive because after all i am determined to loose the weight, but as a chemist - and a representitive of LT - she should know that customers are likely to be vulnerable during their LT journey.

Thanks aging for everyones support, thank :censored: for minimins eh!!! :D

Hope you all have/are having a nice day yay its not africa hot for a change :greenapple:


Lei xxxx


..doing it!
S: 14st7.0lb C: 11st6.0lb G: 10st0.0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 3st1lb(21.18%)
Thanks :wavey:

Doirin - Yeah she should KNOW how to deal with people on a day-to-day basis huh! :rolleyes: I mean bloomin eck my mate works at my local chemist, but alas they dont supply LT :( and the things that people ask/tell her can be extremly sensitive and or embarrassing and she needs to be understanding and sensitive to their needs in a professional non-judgemental way.

Thanks for the hug :D i do feel better, and im now thinking that this is just a test of my willpower.

SUPASLIMMA - thanks for the support hun :) holy crap i just had the worst mental picture of what she'd be like at the Samaritans :eek: :eek:


Lei xxxx