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have I bought the wrong oat?!


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sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that's not the right stuff, and it's not allowed on dukan. the oatbran in tesco is an own brand, it's in a clear plastic bag, and will probably be on the bottom shelf tucked out of the way.

it might only be available in the larger stores. have you looked online to see what it looks like?
Well thats a bad start :( I followed the galette recipe and used the oats I bought while I was waiting on a reply and it was gross! a very eggy consistency which I will struggle with because I hate eggs! Oh dear! Does anyone know if the "So Juicy" marinades are ok?


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I would tend to avoid a shop bought marinade in case of hidden nasties (salt, sugar etc) and make your own - have a look in the recipe section for ideas.


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there'll likely be oil in those marinades too.

wait till you get the proper oatbran and have another go (or three) at the galette. there's a knack to them, and they're great when you get them right. they should be quite different to ones made with oats.


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I get my oatbran from morrisons. It's mornflake but it says 100% oatbran and is available in the cereal isle, just incase their is a morrisons near you x


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Emms24 - can you fill out your User CP so that we can see your current weight?

Think of posting menus in the menu thread too...


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Hi yeah will do. I thought I had done that actually... Haven't weighed myself since last Monday though as I hve no scales so
It's not exactly up to date x

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