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Have i completely messed up?

Well my party last night was going great i managed to steer clear of the food and managed to trick my friends into thinking id had a drink just poured a glass of vodka then put it down somewhere n sneaked a glass of water :) by the time they were all drunk nobody knew any different.

BUT as i went past the food towards the end of the night my will power just dissapeared and i pinched a few crisps and half an egg sandwich :cry: I felt soooo angry:mad: at myself after this and just felt like crying all night, When i got home i was proper beating myself up about it just soo stupid for doing it, it didnt even make me feel good when i had eaten it.

So ive woken up this morning gone downstairs and made my vanilla shake with a bit of the old coffee n sat in bed feeling sorry for myself

Do u think i have just messed up the whole week now? My weigh in is only friday or can i pull it back?

Need your advise guys feeling depressed with myself :wave_cry:
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You will probably still show a loss but you need to but it behind you. I cheated on my 2nd week and still lost 4lb. It was a hard task you set yourself and I would probalby have done the same. Don't give up hun
Thanks :) I feel more focused this morning and now know that having that little bit of food doesnt make me feel better it actually makes me feel worse so hopefully i can learn from my mistakes and keep going
hey paula,

i myself have never cheated (yet) but i have a couple of friends that have had the odd sandwhich or chicken salad and they still managed to lose so all isnt lost. just put it behind you and think about all of the reasons you started in the first place. i've just done 10 weeks and lost over 5 stone and although im at the end of my patients with it at the moment i know it will be worth it in the end. if i can do this anybody can.

keep your chin up princess xx
btw where in the northwest are ya?
Hi, thanks lee im from St Helens, Im feeling much better now im just having half of my second shake i find it easier splitting them so it feels im having more lol
lol im near crewe. i've never tried splitting them, i usually put them in a smoothie maker with loads of ice and it fills me up a lot more. they taste really good like that too, just like a milkshake from mcdonald's lol.

glad your feeling better today hun.


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Don't worry too much, at the end of the day we a only human and have blips sometimes. Its important to get back on track , which you've done. I to have a blip on bonfire night, I had a burger and cake. I had six days to weigh in so I upped my exercise routine and had a sneaky peak last night and I'm down 2lbs. I have another 2 days, so hopefully I'm aiming to lose a bit more.

So don't be disheartened, just get cracking with some exercise ,even its just walking. You have about five days left, you can undo the damage (although a crisp and half sandwich isnt that bad).


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im sneaking in from the CD forum but I bet that blip will only cost you a 1lb anyway. and like someone mentioned above, go for a really brisk walk sometime this week to burn it off :)
PS: I live in Ashton, about 4 miles from St Helens if you need a local buddy xx


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i pinched a few crisps and half an egg sandwich :cry:

Need your advise guys feeling depressed with myself :wave_cry:
Feeling guilty over this is...not good or healthy...I do know what you mean, though, I have been ana and bulimic and overeaten...so I've been in worse places for less calories if you see what I mean...if it only was JUST a few crisps and HALF an egg sarnie...you'll lose just as much as the week previous...it's not like you ate a whole cake or the tray of sandwiches which would defo create an imbalance...

Glad you are more focussed, but try not to beat yourself up over small slippages...pick yourself up, correct it, acknowledge you gave in to the craving and get back to losing the fat again...it's those guilt/giving in totally/overeating/guilt cycles that are devastating...a few extra calories isn't...

Keep it up! And chin up...
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awww we all slip up once in a while! ive been babysitting my niece and nephew this weekend and it took everything out of me not to cheat when they were having icecream! Stick to it coz you can do it! we all can!! Put this behind you and keep on going. Drink lots and lots of water. My friend cheated a few weeks back, she didnt put any weight back on but she didnt lose as much as she normally did. I think about 4lbs. I dont think you have messed this week up seriously! let us know what happens tho xx
Thanks guys am feeling alot better now :) Ive not had any hunger pangs or any cravings for anything today so dont think i did too much damage, Ill keep u all posted on how weigh in goes on friday, Fingers crossed xx
S: 18st7lb C: 18st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
if you do get cravings... just drink a load of water! i find that always helps!... and if you think about it... you didnt cheat bad did u!... it was a tiny cheat! :)

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