Have i eaten enough?


I will do this!!!
Breakfast: 2x weetabix (hexb), banana and milk (hexa)

Snack: Weetabix cereal bar (hexb)

Lunch: Fat free supernoodles

Snack: fat free shape yogurt

Dinner: 2x quorn sausages, mushy peas, sw chips, roasted veg (asparagus, leeks, brocolli, courgettes)

Pudding: 2x fat free shape yogurt

syns: ketchup 3 syns, french fries 4.5 syns (7.5 syns total)

Does this sound like im eating enough??
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Is a crunchy mama!
S: 13st13lb G: 9st9lb
I think your menu looks good but your lunch definitely needs bulking up. You could add a bag of stir fry vegetables, so you have a BIG veggie stir fry that's yummy, colourful and more satisfying.