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Have I got the most to lose?


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I need to lose 11st and 3lbs in total. It seems like such a HUGE amount and I've yet to read about anyone who has as much as me to lose. I will be on CD for a year (it is only week 1!) Still, better than SW/WW which I would need to be on for about three years to achieve that.

Is there anyone else with more than 10 stone to lose?
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Hi Guru,

I have more to lose than you to be 'healthy'. I am not looking at it like that though I am going to just take it stone by stone and keep doing it for as long as I feel the need.

I agree though it is a little disheartening when you see that most people have only a stone or two to lose and you feel like you are alone. But I'm sure you will do it, a little baby is surely the best motivation around!
Good luck

ps I am in week one two so we can follow one another for a bit of continuity!


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Aw Sinead it's comforting to know I'm not the only one and we can gee each other along.

My mother is currently on a diet (of the low fat variety) and has four stone to lose and bangs on and on about how four stone is masses and I just think errrm... I have eleven!!
Haha exactly, I could probably lose 4 stone and no-one notice - well perhaps not!
We have got a huge task ahead of us but I'm sure it will be all the more rewarding for it in the end.
I don't have as much to lose but I just wanted you to know that it's just as hard no matter how much. Even when I reach goal, I will have to maintain and feel like I am going to be on some sort of diet for the rest of my life just to stay slim and not get back how I am now. I wish you all the good luck in the world though with your own personal 'journeys' and to me a few months seems a long time and I appreciate you have longer, but hey what's that compared to the rest of our lives being slim, healthy and looking fabulous?


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Haha exactly, I could probably lose 4 stone and no-one notice - well perhaps not!
We have got a huge task ahead of us but I'm sure it will be all the more rewarding for it in the end.

I lost three stone on LL a few years ago and not one person noticed! (I have since put it back on plus an extra stone) So four stone is just a drop in the ocean for me :( However I think you're right. I just watched the Inspiration Slide Show and some of the weight losses on there were totally amazing!


can see the end in sight!
when i get to goal i will have lost 8 and a half stone, which is a lot, and i never ever thought i would get close to my goal of 12 stone 6. the time goes really quickly though.


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eyesontheprize that is amazing! I will be asking you for motivation when I have a day when I want to give up :)

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Ladies, look at it this way. You dont have the most to lose, you have the most to gain! Health, vitality, energy, confidence...need I go on...


can see the end in sight!
Ladies, look at it this way. You dont have the most to lose, you have the most to gain! Health, vitality, energy, confidence...need I go on...
good point!
I am the same height as you and I weigh 1 lb more than you and started 22 lb heavier than you 4 weeks ago, I see the reason you say you have 11 stone to lose is because you want to be 10st 7lb....it's great to set yourself a goal, but, I personally think you should set yourself lots of small goals and decide when you reach the smaller goals if you still want to get to the original goal set. I have decided I want to get down to 13 stone by Christmas...once I have reached that goal I will then decide if I am happy at that weight or decide whether I should lose more. I know personally if I got to your goal weight I wouldn't look or feel right. You also might get to 11 or 12 stone and think enough is enough, don't put too much pressure on yourself this diet is hard enough mentally as it is.
Good luck on your weight loss journey and remember it is your journey and no one else can tell you what to do, but please don't keep thinking about the numbers in your head as you will be continuously daunted by the whole process...just take each day at a time...remember small steps. "aim for the moon and you might land among the stars." Good luck and i'll keep posting and we can support each other.


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Hey Nicki,

Oh I totally get that! I'm trying to set myself mini goals (check out my sig!). Actually my main goal is to get to a BMI of under 30 so that I can have IVF. But even to do that I'll have to lose 7 stone!

Still, first weigh in tomorrow which might bring a nice surprise!


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When I get to goal I will have lost 7st so not quite as much. But I have lost just under 4.5 st in 3 months and I honestly feel like I have lost this weight in my sleep so whilst the weighloss will take some time it will happen :D
I understand where your coming from with the IVF thing, I was waiting for fertility treatment in 1992 and was told I needed to lose at least 3 stone before they could help me (I was 15 stone at the time). I suffer with PCOS and was told I would need help to get pregnant. That was 17 years ago and my miracle baby (conceived naturally) is now 16!!!
Don't ever give up hope of doing it naturally....just having the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in your body can sometimes sort you out and balance hormones etc correctly. I have heard lots of stories when I was on LL of women getting pregnant after just a few weeks on the diet. Even just dropping a couple of stone can make a difference to fertility.
My P's have been all over the place since I've been on this diet, constantly there like a bad smell. Has anyone else had this problem????
Hiya Hun,

I have got nearly 12 stone to lose to get into the healthy bracket but to be honest I am taking it one stone at a time. Looking at the amount while typing it makes me want to gag and thats when I start to comfort eat. We can help each other out if you like on our journey to self discovery. Gud luck hun
Guru. You've got the worst out of the way.
1) by starting CD
2) Getting over your first 4 days when your detoxing

So you should be proud of yourself for getting this far.

i too need to get my BMI under 30 to qualify for IVF. When I started 5weeks ago I needed to lose 6.5stone to get my bmi to 30, I now need 5 more stone to go then I'll be there.
With the support of all the forum you can and will do it
Why don't you join our private thread of doing CD because you want to get pregnant.
Good luck to you and let us know how you get on with your 1st WI tom
when i get to goal i would of lost 14 stone and i think i might go to 9 1/2 stone as im only 5'4. i have been dieting for 2 years and 3 months and i have been on cd for 10 weeks. 2 years is a long time but soooo worth it! if i had done cd from the begining then i would have finished dieting ages ago, so i don't think that you will be on cd for that long. good luck everyone no matter how much you have to lose x x
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