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Have I ruined my diet already? :(

Hey x

Well today I had to be at hospital between 7-7.30am with my daughter so I took my shakes along with me but the only thing I could use to make it up was a baby bottle :(

It was virtually impossible as the 8oz was virtually the top of the bottle so with (some of) the powder added it was nigh on impossible to mix :(

I ended up having to throw it away as it just wasn`t mixing and I couldn`t fit all the powder in either.

Obviously I wasn`t going to fare any better with the lunch time shake so didn`t bother trying.

We`re now home so the first thing I did was make a shake and drink it but obviously it is quite late in the day :(

Have I ruined all my good work so far - I know it`s only day 3 but I`m doing well I think. Only got hungry (tho not starving) this afternoon and I think due to not having my shakes or as much water as I need to - Have had 2 500ml bottles from hospital and 1 cup of black coffee and 1 cup of Green Tea.

Can I have another shake soonish then another for tea later this evening? (Can`t stomach the soup).

I will be so upset if I`ve stuffed up as I have stuck to the diet 100% so far - Today was totally out of my control :(

Also, What can I do about being a shake down? Can you buy 1 on it`s own? And if so, Does anyone know how much it would be?

I`m going back to the chemist tomorrow to try and swap the soup for choc shakes so I`m hoping if I explain my circumstances she may take pity and give me 1 (she is very nice).

If it helps, I am STILL peeing for Britain lmao So hopefully I`m still doing ok? I know I need to drink a LOT more water yet to catch up but tbh I am so exhausted I just CBA to move (was worried about GA today so couldn`t sleep and been up since yesterday!).

Sorry for the ramble (you`re all gonna get sick of me soon!!!).

I`ll be so upset if I`ve stuffed it :cry:

LiSe Xxxx
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I don't think you have stuffed up!
Drink lots and don't worry about missing a shake out. I did it the other week as I was too busy and it didn't make any difference to my weight loss or appetite!
I bought a shake shaker from the pharmacy, then I carry water in it with a shake packet in my bag and then make it and drink it from the shaker. It can be used for kids milksakes too. It has a grill inside that helps to break up the bits and makes the shakes more smoother!
My pharmacist replaced my 'lost' sachet with no cost! (I left it at my mum's house).
Keep smiling

No, you've not messed it up! I think a disrupted day or two is to be expected in the grand scheme of things, but you didn't eat anything so it's fine, just try to get your water down & the shakes & try to do it a bit more rigidly tomorrow!

Hope everything is alright with your daughter.



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No hun you are fine. Next time just get a water bootle and make up the shake at home and take it with you.

As we progress along the LT journey we are going to experience alot of ups and downs and we are also going to find out new things such as what to do if we are not at home, going to friends or weekends away.
As for missing one shake, you can ask your pharmacy I am sure they can help.

At one point I got worried thinking you fell off the wagon phewwww!!
Thanks so much for the replies *Huggggggs*

I won`t fall off the wagon Jesi, I am determined to give this 100% and lose the weight. I am a bit shaky right now but I think it`s cos I didn`t have all the shakes.

The rest of my family are sitting round me now eating a Burgerking and it smells LUSH :cry:

It is a special treat for my daughter cos of the hospital visit.

I will go make my choc shake now :rolleyes: lol

This will be the 2nd, Shall I have a 3rd before bed or just "lose one" today?

Thanks again, I appreciate the advice & support


No youve not ruined it at all, and at least you can do a day on less shakes without feeling the need to eat, thats a acheivement on its own.

Just keep up today and drink plenty more water and have your 3 shakes tomorrow and be on track again.

I dont think you can make the shakes up though and take them with you as you need to drink them within 15mins of making the shake.

Keep it up and let us know how you get on at weigh in, were all interested in your journey.
Don't worry about it - you haven't stuffed it up at all :)

In fact i think you did great to try so hard and not fall back on some 'real' food instead when the shakes didn't work out.

If you've only squeezed in 2 shakes today then it's fine, just get all 3 in tomorrow - sure your pharmacy will let you have a single shake to buy too, i'm sure others have bought the odd one or two.

Hope everything went ok at hospital for your daughter by the way.

Well done again for the perseverance, can't have been that easy!

(in future, shaking up the shakes in a half full 500ml drink bottle is pretty okay to do - tear a corner off the sachet and use as a makeshift funnel - takes a bit of creativity but can be done, lol done it myself!!)


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well done for not eating, hope your daughter is ok> must be if she up eating buger king ! :)

best of luck for rest of week ;)


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Yep Well done for not eating. I would just have the 2 shakes today. Drink extra lots of water and bed early. It will be fine. Tomorrow is a new day and you may find you need your first shake a little earlier than normal but otherwise all should be fine.

You're doing great and a HUGE well done for only drinking the LUSH choc shake and NOT the Burgerking!!


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Hi Sacred

I think you should be congratulating yourself rather than beating yourself up! What a day you have had, and you have been so good....WELL DONE!!!

No, you havent ruined anything. I had an op 3 weeks ago, and I could only manage 2 shakes in the day and didnt drink my water as I wasnt allowed to, and my weight loss was ok on that week! So, rest assured you will be ok.

Like the others have said, dont slack on your water and get back on your 3 shakes tomorrow and your water intake.

But, well done, it couldnt have been easy for you at all, and you even got through the Burgerking saga too!!!! Fab...GOLD STAR ;-)

I know you are determined and gonna do it.....if you can get through that in the short time you have been on LT, well, what more can you cope with in the weeks to come.

I hope your daughter is doing ok and will make a full recovery.

Re shakes, always make them up as you need them. YOu need to drink them within 15 mins for you to benefit from the vitamins as they are soluable.

Have a good day tomorrow...

Take care
:cry: You guys are so lovely! Thanks for the supportive messages :gen126:

Like I said, I am determined to lose this weight and I refuse to sabotage my diet when I will only end up feeling worse if I eat something due to disappointment in myself.

I managed to get 3L of water in yesterday in the eve but still only had the 2 shakes :(

Luckily, We eat very well so the Burger King was a treat that doesn`t happen often and I must say I am pleased with myself for not caving :D I have to admit to being a weirdo tho and sniffing my daughters burger and chips :rolleyes::rotflmao:

Incidentally, She is fine thanks for the concern :) She has SN and is extremely phobic of hospitals/Drs etc and also has Tactile Aversion and due to this the dentist has never been able to get near her other than to peer into her mouth without touching her so we decided it was best for her to go under GA and have any dental work needed done. I`m pleased that she only had 5 minor fillings :) I know it sounds a lot, But considering she is coming up 15 yrs old and has never had any dental treatment, I think thats`s not bad? They also gave her teeth a thorough clean and treatment to protect them as obviously they will have the same problem of checking her again lol

Blimey I can talk for Britain! Sorry!!

Thanks again, You`re all STARS



Positivity is the key
hope you are feeling better today, I must say huge kudos to you for not caving yesterday and eating at the hospital, very well done!!!!
Kids are a blessing and a worry, aren't they, I have 3 small fellas under 7 and every day there is some drama, but it's our job. Hope she was ok after the fillings, hopefully they will hold a long time and she won't have to go through it too soon again.
Again, be nice to yourself, you did remarkably well and this you will see in your weight loss this week.
Best of luck.
You are a star too, Sacredsilence :) don't forget it!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Good to hear your daughter is ok....it reminded me when I was younger and I couldnt have injections at school because of a fear of needles....even when I went to my own GP I used to run around the room and they were chasing to catch me as I was so scared...it isnt nice at all....

Anyway, I am glad she is ok.

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