Have lost 10 stone!!


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Hello fellow lipotrimmers
Just wana give a lil inspiration to all those on LT. after 10 months ive lost 10 stone and feel totally amazin. i never thought in a million yrs that i cud go from a size 24 down to a size 10! Its been really really tough but oh so worth it, but its weird tho cuz ive noticed ppl's attitude has changed towards me. Im no longer seen as "the big, fat greedy girl" and now gettin more attention from men.

But for those who are on LT long term...plz plz stick to it cuz i cant begin to explain how PROUD i am of myself and the achievement. :party0011:

Maintanence has been quite tricky but i jus stick to my healthy foods and only have small treats once a wk. but after 6 months of not eatin choc, crisps, chips etc its so easy to turn it down.

Hope this thread helps those who feel down and gives motivation.:26: if any1 needs more advise, jus msg me!!

Good luck all
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Hiya hun,

Thanks for the inspiration!! Those pics are such an achievement and will defintely keep me in the right direction, its great to hear from people who have been through the diet it and comes back and tells their story, thanks so much for that. By the way ya look absolutely gorgeous hun, loving the pics and omg what a difference it has made to ya. Ya look so much healthier and happy and glowing from everywhere. I hope maintenance goes well for ya! Take care hun and pop in to share your secrets, exercise tips or anything else otherwise I will be bombarding ya with questions....lol, all the best


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Great to see you back and an inspiration to all on LT and to anyone who doubts you can keep weight off after a VLCD. Agree with you 100% that anyone doing LT should try to stick to it, it gets easier and is sooo worth it. Well done again, and great to see you back


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Hi,Wow just checked out your pics,you look fab what an amazing difference 10months on LT has made,you must be so pleased with yourself!!! you have certainly inspired me to keep at it...thankyou! Caz xx


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OMG that is just amazing you really are an inspiration to us all I hope I am successful as you, have just over a stone to lose but am starting to find it hard now but looking at your pics just keeps me motivated xx well done x


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I ditto Miss unknown.........you did it and you should be so proud of yourself.


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Wow congratulations on your amazing weight loss, ive fallen off the wagon and keep questioning myself whether its really worth it, and then i see you, and i know it is. I am going to do this thank you so much for sharing your story, its an inspiration x


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What you have done is incredible and you look amazing. :) I think you have just given everyone on the site an amazing lift to see what can be achieved.

Congratulations !!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D


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That is fantastic!! A 10 stone weight loss is monumental, you must be beaming with pride.


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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT! im so glad I read this post coz now I will not ever ever give up!!!!... you are a legend! xxxxx


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Congratulations on your stunning loss.
Your pics are amazing and you look fantastic (not even any loose skin!!)
Well done, and you've spurred me on, thanks. xx


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Congratulations your weight loss is fantastic, makes me more determined to get to my target weight. Thank you x


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You certainly should be proud of yourself, you have done incredibly well and have given me a greatly needed boost. Its lovely of you to want to keep inspiring and helping others. You ahd a bigger challenge ahead of you than I face now so you have just shut up my moaning that it'll never happen. You have proven it can be done if we just do it and get on with it, focussing on the good times it will bring. Thank you and congratulations.

You are such an inspiration, long may you continue to enjoy it. :D


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WOW you are amazing 10stone I'm speechess, you have so inspired me to keep going its a tough diet but the rewards are worth
I must say you look absolutely amazing in your piccies.



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What an achievement! You are indeed an inspiration, so thanks for popping back. I hope you'll keep popping back to remind us all it can be done.

Thanks for sharing your before and after pics too. You look amazing now.

I wish you every success in staying the smaller you.