have nibbled and feel really crap - help!!!


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hi all

started the day well with litre of water and hot choc. had some more water at work and then half a bar for lunch. after that things got manic at work and came home thirsty and hungry. was sat having my cottage cheese and lettuce and ended up having a few chips off my sons plate. don't know why i did it really. its TOM this week and have had major tummy ache and cravings. since i ate the pain seems to have subsided (eating definitley helps with the pain) but i feel awful

i have tried to think about it sensibly and think it is one blip in the week and it cannot be that harmful but the voice in my head keeps telling me off. i am in week 5 and have lost 16lbs in the first 4 weeks. because of this i will probably sts this week (my own fault) as i am not one of these lucky people who can have a blip and get away with it. i am not being weighed by CDC this week so have some time to make up the mistake but just need some reassurance that i haven't blown it.

I have started to get really complacent about the diet and i don't want to. i want it to be like it was in the first few weeks but cannot recapture that mood. HELP!!!
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you hven't blown it like you said ONE LITTLE BLIP thats all it was i had one yesterday back on track today you can do this you are doing so well 16lbs gone already just keep at it


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dont panic your only human blips happen just move on x


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Just forget about it and move on - you'll be fine honest.


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you may not even have knocked yourself out of ketosis. and if you have you will probably be back in the zone by tomorrow. it's a blip. carry on with cd from this second. no giving up because 'you may as well now the night is ruined'. none of that. and we've all done it with some diet. get back on track and go for it. if you are finding it really really hard then try ss+ or 810 for a little bit...

you've been doing brilliantly honey. you will continue to do so :)

abz xx


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thanks everyone. a part of me did say - just give it up for tonight as you've already cheated, but i didn't, i drank some water and will not give in and eat something. so i suppose that is a positive. also, i am not being weighed on sat so do not feel pressured so will try to carry on as normal for the week.

thanks for the support - it really does help.


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Hi you've not blown it, just get back on the horse, and I'd put money on it being purely mental you feeling better after eating, it's your subconcious telling you you need it not your body, crack the mental thing you'll be fine, well done for the huge loss so far xx


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Hey Leeds,
Wow your post could so be me !! i have just come on for inspiration !! I done fine all day and then I had a couple of spoons of Spagetti bolognese, automatically thought 'i have blown it' so had a mini choc bar too :break_diet::break_diet::break_diet:
I dont know why, this is my 5th week too, could just kick myself :cry:
I feel sick now, and am glugging the water to try and help:cry:
Does anyone know when i will be out of Ketosis and how soon can i get back in ?
thanks guys:wave_cry:


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We've all done it!! Get back on - drink for England and start afresh tomorrow it is a new day and one slip doesn't negate your journey - My weightloss journey is a bit like a moutain - sometimes I catch the ski lift and zoom for a while, then I get off and walk abit, occasionally having a bit of slide, or catching an avalanche, but you get back up, you carry on walking and eventually - you like me will reach the summit of skinniness - some slides are little and for me some of my slides were huge (two or three stone huge!!!) so one blip equates to a little slip -drink drink drink, leave the slip behind and head for the summit - you'll make it eventually - one way or another x