have to give up for a while- advice please

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    well i saw it coming

    as i have said before i am working as a nanny and have to come out to portugal for 7 weeks with the family i work for.

    Did LT for a month before coming out and lost just over a stone so was made up, got enough LT to last 3 weeks so was planning to do that then the maintenance.
    However the family i work for go out to dinner every day at least once so i am goin to have to give up LT

    i cant really not eat in front of the kids as they will start asking why etc and dont think its a good idea to tell small children about diets etc- and i know my boss' wouldnt want me too either! and being here for so long i cant get away with the tummy bug lie etc

    however i have got loads of LT left and was wondering if i should have 2 shakes and then if i have to go out for dinner with the family eat a salad at night- i know i wont be in ketosis or loose as much weight- but it might help me maintain my weight or mayb loose a few pounds in the next 6 weeks

    what do u think?
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  3. thefutureisbright

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    havent got a baldy notion myself... but i think try it for a few days and see how u go? xox good luck xox
  4. Mini

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    Slimming World
    CD packs are similar to LT packs.

    CD do various steps in their programme.

    So perhaps you could adopt one of these to suit you while you are in Portugal.

    Step 2 if done for a few days or a week would help prevent over filling the glycogen stores, before moving onto Step 3.

    Step 2 790 kcal

    3 packs are taken with the addition of 6oz (150g) portion of poultry meat (without skin or fat), or an 8oz (250g) portion of white fish, quorn or tofu, or skimmed milk cottage cheese. These can be accompanied by 3tbsp 'white or green' vegetables (cooked or raw) such as spring greens, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, cabbage, courgettes or cucumber. An additional allowance of 1/2 pint (235ml) skimmed milk is also allowed. The dieter should continue to drink at least 4 pints (2.25ltr) of water per day, and as much unsweetened black tea or black coffee as wished.

    Step 3 1000 kcal

    This programme adds fruit and carbohydrate to 790kcal meal described above. It is suitable for those wo prefer to lose weight more gradually or those whose lifestyle makes it impossible to avoid conventional eating.

    Two meal packs plus 150 kcal breakfast of fruit, a portion of salad from 'white & green' vegetables listed above, the protein choices listed in in step 2 and an additional portion of carbohydrate. For example, 1 1/2oz (40g) wholewheat pasta, noodles or rice, or 6oz (150g) boiled or baked potato. An extra 50 kcal allowance of fruit is allowed for dessert as well as of 1/2 pint (235ml) skimmed milk.

    Source:The Cambridge Diet

    I hope that helps.

    Love Mini xxx
  5. LisaLisa

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    If i was in your position and i had absolutely no choice i would have my lipotrim sachets 3 times a day when i could get away with it and on all the other occassions have 2 sachets during the day then a very very light salad meal, no couscous, not potato salad, no olive oil dressing, no coleslaw, no pasta, no rice, no bread, no cake, no desert, no sugar in any form, just lettuce, toms and cucumber, peppers, onion, mushrooms and a small portion of meat - ie: chicken breast, half a steak so long as it dont look too greasy [ask for well done :D] and fish - lots and lots of BAKED fish - none of this fried crap okies.....good luck girl - if you allow urself the gain of 7lbs during this nightmare time - and weigh yourself once a week, that may be maintainable there must be scales round there so u can keep an eye on your weight

    Oh and on your days off - u must have days off right??? Go walking/hiking or swim lots - just do something active okies ohhh and...

    DRINK LOADS OF WATER - more than u would usually 3lts is the recommended consumption for peeps with bmi of 25 or lower anyone else should add .5lt to that for ever stone they are over weight - plus u are in the sun dehydrating too - dont drown in it like, just drink as much as ur body lets you :D

    there thats all i can think of at the mo - like i say - good luck :)
  6. Bindi

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    I agree with LisaLisa, if i was in your position I would have the 3 shakes when I could and 2 shakes and fish/chicken with salad or veg. Try follow day 1 of refeed foodwise and you will stay in ketosis, just make sure you dont drink alchol and keep up your intake of water. I know there was someone else on the forum planning on doing the 2 shakes and 1 meal but Im not sure how they got on. Your losses wouldnt be as much as when on full tfr but you should still have a loss as long as you dont add fat, carbs etc. Good Luck.
  7. cuddlyfairy

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    I'm with the others, 2 shakes and when you have to eat with the family then stick to grilled chicken or fish and salad.

    Good luck Hun and enjoy the lovely sunshine.

  8. Teg

    Teg Posts when she can

    Yes i agree. U never know. U might be able to shake off a few pounds eating low carb meals anyways
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