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HAVE to stope every 12 weeks??


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:mad::confused: Chemist lady said that because I've done 12 weeks I have to refeed and maintain for a few weeks before I can carry on????!!! Never heard it mentioned on here or anyone I've spoken to in real life.

so, whats your take on it?

I pretty cross really, as I refed for christmas, and went back on boxing day and its been so hard to finaly get back into the right frame of mind.

I was totally unprepared to hear that this morning.

I have so far still to go and it feels like a never ending slog now
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Other TFR like lighter life and Cambridge recommend this I think but its not a requirement for LT. Call head office if the pharmacy refuse to give you your shakes, that's not right hon x
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I think your chemist is talking out of her ar8e!!! But that's just my opinion.... As far as i know there is NO reason that you should give up and in fact there are many many people who have been celebrated for doing 100 days at 100%.

Did you do a proper refeed for Xmas? If so, then that surely should be counted as your break? It might be worth you ringing LT yourself to see what they advise.... Perhaps your chemist thinks they are helping you by breaking down your loss into more manageable chunks, but i still can't see what it has to do with them!!

Don't get disheartened hun.. Perhaps your chemist genuinely believes that this is how it is supposed to be... I would ring LT, get the name of the person you speak to, and either ring your pharmacy or go in there and tell them what LT say, but i honestly believe your pharmacist is wrong!! Don't panic hun, it will be ok x x
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iv never heard this either chick and i done tfr 100% for 23 weeks im not really sure why she is telling you this but dont give up without a fight as youve done so well so far x x


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S: 25st2lb C: 20st2lb G: 11st11lb Loss: 5st0lb(19.89%)
I'm going to do that - I have some extra shakes and the refeed shakes so I can carry on till I speak to someone else!


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That's disgusting that they have said that.... Get onthe phone first thing and then find another chemist tell em to shove it... I'd name them in here too, then if someone from your area is thinking about doing it, they will find a better chemist too... But I'm just a beatch lol


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I hate to be cynical here, but I'm betting with it being Jan that they've run out of stock, and are saying this to cover themselves. Whatever though, it's really bad,and definitely not what you have to do on Lipotrim. I would definitely be contacting Lipotrim and/or finding another pharmacy. This diet is tough enough as it is without having forced breaks! Whose to say you will be able to get back on again after a few weeks of re-feed. I know you did it after Christmas, but you made a decision to do that. It's different if it's forced on you. Fingers tightly crossed for you that you can get it sorted and don't have to stop at all xx

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