Have you been in the magazine???


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Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering whether any of you lovely ladies or gents have ever been in or thought of being in the Slimming World Mag?

My lovely other half is always suggesting that I apply to be in it, but i just don't know. I'm not at target yet, but hope to be in the next couple of months so I guess that's when they want to hear from you.

I think I could be persuaded to apply if you get to keep the clothes you wore on the shoot! :giggle:Do they do that?????

I also realise that its really competitive and I wouldn't stand much chance of getting in anyway, but it's just a thought i guess...:rolleyes:

So have any of you featured in the mag before, or thought about it...?

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I was wondering the other day, do you need to attend a class in order to be in the magazine or is it enough that you just follow one of the SW plans?


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I think you have to be a member of a group as they would not know if you did the SW plan in order to lose the weight. Plus they can't really advertise SW if you do it at home on your own!


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A woman in a group I used to belong to - I believe she is now a consultant in Sevenoaks - was in the October or November issue, and she looked wonderful.


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What if you are paying for the plans on the interent (Body Optimise)? Do you think you can be in the magazine then??:confused: Far off target but would be interesting to know.


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I plan on being in the mag when I get all hot and slim.

My C said she would put me upf or it if I wanted to.


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I applied for the mag about a month before i hit target but nothing came from it for me... xxxxxxx


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I love reading sucess stories - fair play to anyone who gets there and does it!! Im sure body optimise peeps apply as you are paying and following SW


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Is that confidence or have they already said? Its hard to tell.


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If i lose the 6 stone i want to im going to apply to go into the mag. Iv HATED my photo being taken for so many years that it will feel like im sticking my two fingers up to the fat old me!


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I wonder how they decide who to feature? There is obviously a range of weight loss results and ages, etc. I have wondered whether they look for a really interesting "angle" on each person or not, say they have an amazing new hobby that they can now do since losing the weight. (or something like that?!) But I do find that often, although still inspirational and great to read, its the same old story for most people. Maybe we need to apply with an amazing and bizarre "angle"???


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